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The worst job at Disneyland?

Parade traffic control. These guys are basically human sign posts and command absolutely no respect. See that lady with her stroller? She could care less where she can’t or can’t stand; her child needs to see Pumba. That foreign guy with a giant camera? He barely knows enough English to get to Disneyland let alone understand what your waving flashlight means.

Many a times have I seen the traffic control workers get chewed out for telling people that they’re going the wrong way, or simply throwing their hands up in frustration at incompetent guests. But here’s my solution: riot gear. If you stop thinking of these people as

iPod news delivered from the OC

The famed Irvine based web site iPodlounge is currently number two on Google when someone searches for the term iPod (right behind Apple). Dennis Lloyd created the site when he watched Steve Jobs launch the first iPods back in 2001. You can read the rest of the Register article here. [Note to the Register editing staff: It

It’s only fun till someone gets hurt

Stem Cells Split OC

Orange County’s Congressional delegation split evenly 3:3 on yesterday’s House vote to allow federal funding for embrionic stem cell research. Those opposed to lifting the ban:

Those supporting lifting the ban:

Of the 50 Republican’s who broke from the White House’s position on the issue, two represent portions of Orange County.

Carona’s friends get Hat and Shiny Badge

You see, there was this episode of SOAP where Burt Campbell was running for sheriff and

Breaking Down No Doubt

While surfing the Internets (one slip of the tounge from the commander in chief and the next thing you know we have mutiple internets, yikes!) I came across this breakdown of the song Hollaback Girl on Uneasyslience.

Before Gwen went solo, No Doubt grew up in the shadows of Disneyland and their first major CD was called “Tragic Kingdom.” The main track has the end of the ride warning from the Matterhorn, “Remain Seated Please…” as part of the song.

And yes this does come from the OC Weekly (just given it props because it made Uneasysilence.)

Am I the only one from the OC metroblog who made the trek to E3?

I must have been the only on the OC metroblog to make the trek from the OC to E3 in Los Angeles. I know, I could have blogged about the Battle of Los Angeles (Blah, not my cup of tea after the name change). Instead I decided to waste my time and take the Amtrak train up to LA in a vein attempt to get into E3. Well, my skills in stealth, social engineering, and espionage need some work, I could not get in (Grant, Wil, Xeni, or Sean next year please get me in). I did meet some CSUF grads who were working the lobby of the LA convention Center and I did score some swag but I could not get into Video Game Mecca. Oh well, I got to see the new bat mobile in person, meet some cool video game personalities, and I was able to see Morgan Webb in person (OK, so I’m a geek and a nerd, we can have a debate on the definition of each in the comment section later).

Thanks to Mountain Dew for the free soda which powered me through to my next Starbucks craving.

The Metrolink ride back home was packed with people returning from E3 to the OC, they had bags full of swag and could not shut up about the new systems (Xbox 360/Playstation 3/Nintendo Revolution). We will have to wait and see if the new systems deliver.

Here are some of the pictures from the show: (after the jump)

Enough of Pissing on the Walls Already

Whomever is tagging the 22 Freeway, will you cut it out!

I don’t care if you

I’m From Orange County, I Know How to Queue

With compliments to the Hitchhikers Guide, we are used to standing in lines at Disneyland.

So tonight is the final installment of Star Wars, Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and Orange County at least knows which theathers are showing it. Unlike our neighbors to the north who mistakenly waited at Mann’s Chinese Theather when they are not showing it.

Here are some of the pictures taken at the Edwards across from Fashion Island. The group was even doing a charity raffle for Childrens Hospital of Orange County.

The start of the Line

The Other end of the Line

Orange County Atheists

When decided to start charging last month, lots of groups (including Metroblogging) decided it wasn’t worth the cost. The atheist meetup group I was organizing decided the same. The group continues, however, as Orange County Atheists. The group is for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and humanists in and around Orange County.

We meet monthly to discuss politics, religion, news of the day, and issues facing atheists. We’re a new group, and as time goes on our activities will expand to include larger membership drives, college campus outreach, conventions, guest speaker series and tabling at atheist and religious events. The direction we take is based entirely on what members would like to do with the group.

Our first meeting is Today (Wednesday) May 18th at 7:00PM at the Red Robin in Tustin. For more information, visit Orange County Atheists or email me, Michael Doss. If this sounds like your kind of event, we hope to see you there!

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