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Beck @ The OC Fair

I’m not much of a concert person. I’ll buy the tracks off of iTunes, I’ll crank up my radio during my commute, or I’ll watch the music videos off the web, but concerts are a different animal for me.

Tonight was one of those concerts where it sticks in your mind from both a visual and audio perspective. Beck sure knows how to assault all of a person’s senses during his shows, as projected on the back of the stage was a constant streaming Video Jockey (VJ) mix in tune with the music. The floating images and sudden changes timed with the pounding sound from the speakers made for one of those experiences that makes you feel like you’ve gone on an acid trip.

As for the music, Beck performed all of his classics, and a few of the new stuff, off his past albums. Devil’s Haircut, Girl, and Black Tambourine were all performed live, which made for an interesting difference between the studio CD recording and the onstage performance. Everything from metal cans, mixers, and even tableware were turned into musical instruments.

But in the future, loose the crazy guy in the shorts, he may have been a homeless mime in the past, but after twenty minutes the guy just seemed crazy (or maybe he was crazy?)

(Pictures are in the extended section)

Two new Metblogs cities

At the same time I am pointing out bad news over at London, I’m glad I can report some good news for the Metroblogging family. Two new city blogs came online this morning, Birmingham (UK not Alabama) and Phoenix. If you get a chance, head over and welcome them aboard.

Second set of attacks in London

For the second time in two weeks, I’m sorry to have to point you to Metroblogging London for news on more bombings. These ones aren’t nearly as bad as last time, only minor injuries are being reported. Still, our thoughts our with our fellow Metblog writers and the entire city of London.

Bring home the magic

So what do you think of the new Space Mountain? You don

The Slogans of Orange County

As some of you might know, the main rule for writing on this site is that you have to write about something that is in some way related to Orange County. This sounds pretty easy. Orange County is a big place. We

Lazy Days of Summer

20050715_kt_11.jpgToday I returned from a week vacation and a number of people asked,

It’s Disneyland’s Birthday, But the Cast Members get the gifts.

A member of my family returned home from working at the park today with a few goodies that they gave out to the cast members. Among them are: A set of golden mouse ears with Disneyland’s “birth date” embroidered on the back, an

Happy Birthday, DLand

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. We have all seen the ads, and heard about the fanfare for this event, and today 30,000 people lined up outside of Disneyland before it opened. People started lining up at 2:30 this morning, tickets went on sale not too much after that. They expect the park to reach its 75,000 person capacity by 9AM.

While many from Orange County are jaded about DLand, I am not. I think it’s a wonderful place, even if they have screwed up many parts of it in recent years. Without Disneyland, I don’t think Orange County would have developed much of its own identity, we would be just a part of the LA area, even more than we already are.

Next Saturday I’m headed to Disneyland and DCA. I’ve never been to DCA before, so I’m looking forward to checking it out. I also haven’t been on Space Mountain since it reopened, and haven’t yet tried my hand at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster. So I’m looking forward to all those things. Get there early, do what I want, and then spend the rest of the day watching children torture their parents, it’s fun!

The Battle over KOCE

Flipping through the channels late at night, I stopped on channel 50 (well, it could be channel 56 if you have that wacked out TimeWarner cable) just to see what was on. On the channel was a plea from station manager Mel Rogers discussing the need to save KOCE from outside interests. The group that he is talking about is Daystar, another network attempting to supplant our only source of local news on the OC, with another religious network (right in the backyard of the Crouch’s TBN network).

The spot featured Mayor Miguel A. Pulido of Santa Ana, Sheriff Michael Corona, and Dr. Dwight W. Decker CEO of Conexant Systems pleading for support of KOCE.

It has been a while since Orange County has had a network they could call their own. OCN was on local cable for a while providing a great source for high school sports scores, local issues, and discussions on local politics. They even had their studio at the Orange County Register building in Santa Ana.

As I watch “Ethics in America,” I’m afraid it may soon be replaced with “Praise in America.” We will loose another opportunity to deliver local news and information to the citizens of Orange County to groups of religious media conglomerates.

Click here to save KOCE.

BlizzCon Update

As said earlier, BlizzCon is going to be held here in Orange County on October 28 and 29th. Blizzard has released more information including the venue (Anaheim Convention Center) and schedule of events. The most shocking thing about BlizzCon is the price: ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BONES! The last time I paid a hundred twenty bucks to go somewhere was a friend

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