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“Ditch Your Kids at Disneyland…

While gambling away their college tuition in Garden Grove” – Soon the new city slogan of Garden Grove.

I guess the option has been put back on the table for the city of Garden Grove to build a casino just up the street from the happiest place on earth. According to KNBC, GG is 80% residential and they have been desperate for additional tax revenue. The city has even developed the area closest to the Anaheim border to be an alternative resort destination for out of town guests. It has all of the trappings of a tourist destination, a Joe’s Crab Shack, About four Starbucks within walking distance of each other, and you can see the Disneyland resort from the hotels.

But Gambling?

Michael you might feel at home, instead of a Vegas bender you can play the cards close to home. But one wonders if parents will even spend time in a casino when most of the time they will be over at the resort?

Will a casino really help Garden Grove?

I doubt it. For GG to really make a profit they will probably need more then one casino, additional business revenues, and maybe a Disney theme park of their own.

If anyone knows the numbers and wants to “bet” on the casino plan sound off in the comment section (and I’m sure the bot spammers will cling to this like ants to a melting Popsicle)

It’s Not Easy in the “Big Easy”

Seeing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, from the torn off roof covering of the Superdome to the Coast Guard rescue choppers, reminds us that this will not be a disaster that will be cured overnight.

Search and Rescue along with recovery operations will take months, but we can all do our part even in Orange County to help those in need.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross.

New Orleans

With all indications pointing toward “worst case scenario”, shoot some love over to the New Orleans Metblog, and read what the authors there are writing. We’re pulling for you guys.

Brush Fire Near Irvine Amphitheatre

While driving around the 48th congressional district, I saw a huge plume of smoke coming from the area near the Irvine Spectrum.

This being Southern California, brush fires are really nothing to stop and gawk at. I just kept on driving and didn’t go by the area until later in the day. After working on a few of my blogs, I left the Diedrich near UCI and drove out to Laguna Beach. Taking a little bit of a longer route, I drove by the Irvine Amphitheater and saw numerous Orange County Fire District trucks all parked around a blackened patch of hillside.

Looks like they tackled the brushfire without any problem.

How Hot is It?

It’s so hot that I’m making virtual trips to the beach.

El J

El Jefe Cafe San Clemente.jpg
I like colorful buildings.

I came across El J

Something Corporate’s Andrew McMahon

Today’s Orange County Register carried a front page article on Andrew McMahon, the frontman for Something Corporate.

His story is interesting and compelling.

Andrew is battling leukemia and working on a solo project. The OCRegister links to some MP3 streams.

The OCRegister article requires registration, but it’s worth registering to read the article and to listen to the streams.

You can read more about Andrew on his Jack’s Mannequin site or at Something Corporate.

Measure M – Up on a poll

According to a recent LA Times article, a new poll about Measure M shows that we in the OC support it strongly! Measure M, for those of you who didn’t know is the “Tax Me! Oh, please! Oh, please! Oh, please! Tax me” Transportation initiative.

Now, there are some people you just don’t trust. Pollsters are some of them. In this case, the poll was conducted by the OCTA – our county gurus of how to fuck us mass transit – who are likely to benefit it this measure passes. Can you say “conflict of interest”? Can you say “Stinking Liars”?

Sure, the sales tax would only remain a half-cent higher. I admit that’s not much

South County Wildness

Terry Chen captured a slice of South County wildness in a recent post.

But, in the year that I’ve lived in the South County wildnerness, I’ve been surprised how wild it really is down here.

For example, here’s the welcome sign the area management company posted at the entrance to a hiking trail in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Quite honestly, I was apprehensive about taking solo hikes in the hills above my house last summer. I’m more comfortable now, but it’s a better idea to hike with a friend.

I regularly see coyotes on my morning bicycle rides and evening walks. They’re bold scavengers.

As a result of the abundant wild life and the 55-mile per hour automobile traffic, South County has the freshest road kill in the county, especially in the early morning before the managment companies scoop it up and sanitize the scene.

With that being said, let me know if you want suggestions for taking a hike down here.

City of Orange International Street Fair

Every year, around labor day weekend, the city of Orange shuts down the Orange Circle and turns it in to the Orange County International Street Fair.

Every international food you can think of is availible, sushi, brautwurst, greek desserts, and good old fashion burgers. All of this on each of the diffrent spokes of Old Towne, and you can leave your passport at home.

So mark your calendar for this upcoming labor day weekend and keep the pepto bizmo nearby.

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