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blimp.jpgI’m not a big fan of blimps, so understandable I freaked out and had to take a picture when this monster flew over my house yesterday. It’s colorful, unidentified, and you can click on the pic for a larger version.

The rumor mill says the blimp belongs to Ameritrade, but I don’t see it on their website or any references to it online. For now, I have no idea who it belongs to, or what it was doing hovering over Eastern Santa Ana for two hours yesterday.

It’s So Hot…

Doesn’t anyone have something pithy to say about the current Santa Ana conditions?

(I haven’t lived here long enough to chime in.)

Angels Win!

From all of us at Orange County Metroblogging, congratulations to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on their American League West division win. Your fans are proud, and we always enjoy having a reason to raz our neighbors to the north, whose team would have won the division if they’d been able to just play .500 ball. Go Halos!

Go Angels!

Anaheim_Angels.jpgJust two days after the Los Angeles Dodgers officially failed to make the playoffs (in the NL West, a division without a team with a winning record), the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim can clinch their division tonight with a win against Oakland. Go Team!

After looking good most of the year and below average in August, the Angels really picked it up in September, and have won 9 of their last 10 to give themselves a 5 game lead over Oaktown (who had fewer than 19,000 people at last night’s “must win game” – kinda sad). The Angels now have a magic number of 2, meaning they only have to win one of their next three games against Oakland to be the American League West champions for the second year in a row. I’ll save my congrats, but it’s looking great for the Halos and Halo fans out there.

Overhead in South County

I was waiting for my take-out order at a local restaurant when I overheard this exchange:

Woman to Man:

“You have four cars for two people?
We only have three.”

Got Tickets?

Word has it that the Anaheim Angels sold out tickets for the American League Division series in 45 minutes!!!

And this was only over the phone and the Internet.

So, does anybody have a few tickets for your local metrobloggers?

“Airport Envy”

I have just returned from attending a conference in Tampa, Florida.

I found myself with “airport envy” sitting in Tampa’s well-organized airport this morning. Besides providing free wireless internet access

What is this strange sport?

I believe they call it hockey.
After a yearlong lockout, I went to tonight’s Anaheim Mighty Ducks preseason hockey game just to get acquainted with the new rules. I guess they had to show fans the changes as they spent all night explaining them on the scoreboard with clips from a NHL video game and they had a post game demonstration of the new shoot out format (There are no more ties, yeah).

One major change this season is the elimination of overtime. It’s now replaced by the shoot-out (which is also used in european hockey). I’ve always felt cheated after paying thirty bucks for my ticket and wasting three hours of my life just to see both teams skate to a tie. If I wanted to see people skate for three hours I’d go to Anaheim Ice [Formally known as Disney Ice] for a skate session.

The game was fun but I have a few complaints:
First, do you honestly have to charge 10 bucks for parking? Five would be great, seven is bearable, but 10, might as well through in a beer while you

It’s a Small World After All

For those of you looking for a way to express your opposition to Bush’s war in Iraq, the Orange County Peace Coalition is organizing a “[m]arch for peace to the Happiest Place on Earth for this worldwide day of anti-Iraq war demonstrations.” The event is tomorrow, September 24. Meet at Stoddard Park — Katella & 9th St. in Anaheim. For more information see the Orange County Peace Coalition website or call (714) 637-8313.
If Disneyland just doesn’t seem like the right venue, ANSWER Coalition L.A. and United for Peace and Justice are planning a march in Downtown L.A. (Olympic & Broadway) tomorrow and buses from Costa Mesa and Fullerton are available.

Have you seen my vampire?

Found photo at the Goldenwest College swapmeet:

The GWC swapmeet happens every Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 3. There’s a lot of people selling random crap (basically everything gutted out from their garage). But a few vendors I like are: the $5 sunglass hut; the shoe guy; the action figure stand; flower vendor; skateboard guy.

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