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Jiminy Jillikers Radioactive Man!

Fall Out Boy & Motion City Soundtrack are playing tonight @ UCI: Bren Events Center. Doors open @ 6:30. It

The other orange fruit

Okay, I

Back from NY

Last week I had to visit NY for work. I really like that city don’t get me wrong but there is something about SoCal that I like much more. I think I realized what it was when I got there and my buddy took me to get “Mexican” food. At a place called Tequillaville by Grand Central Station. I didn’t mind it but it’s not like when he comes out to Irvine for work the first place I am going to take him is to get pizza. Well I figured what harm could it do at least their Coronas were cold and there atmosphere wasn’t that big of a let down. I got a menu and I ordered a Quesadilla figuring I would try the safe play. Boy was I wrong it wasn’t horrible but it just wasn’t as good as I could make off of my own stove with some Kraft slices. I then realized I don’t think I would ever be able to live in NY just because of the Mexican food. So today when I got back to town I made my way to Taco Factory in Irvine for lunch and washed those memories of NY’s Mexican food out of my mind. Viva La OC….

Apple Store at the Brea Mall?

While wasting a lot of my unexpected free time this week running errands and catching up on projects. I found myself at the Brea Mall today to check on a new set of glasses.

While taking the escalator up to the second floor I looked over and saw one of those “Store Coming Soon” type construction barriers with “Apple” on it.

Could it be an Apple store at the Brea Mall? I think that it

Disneyland Paris: Halloween is no joke

I thought it was pretty cool that they change the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland to that Nightmare before Christmas theme for the holiday season. But look what they do over at Disneyland Paris.

They Halloween out the whole freaking park. I like Halloween and all, but what

Fall Festival @ Old Towne Orange

So as I trekked over to my common haunt to do some web work, I noticed that traffic was awfully heavy around the orange circle tonight.

No it wasn’t a construction project for the sake of a construction project (as one will almost always find on the 57, 22, 55, 5, or some other number of a freeway) it was blocked up by parents taking their kids to the Old Town Fall Festival (what happened to the term Halloween?).

The kids paraded around the circle in their costumes, gathered up gobs of candy, and overall had a good time. My compliments over to those at Diedrich’s who handled the onslaught of sugared-up kids in power ranger costumes.

The circle was just as crowded as if it was the International Street fair. anti-war rally in HB

So I was tooting around town killing some time before class when I saw one of the candlelight vigils. This one seemed pretty sparse, but there was plenty of noise and honking. Here

Disneyland with a few close friends…

(Yes, that’s right. It’s me again.)

When people usually ask me why I married Vicky, I reply with the standard reasons: beautiful, funny, intelligent, and she can cook, too… but that’s not the only reason why. I also married Vicky for cash and prizes! The woman is unbelievable! She won us a trip to Hawaii from STAR98.7! She won us a few bucks on the lotto! And, for tonight, she won us four tickets to Mark & Brian’s (95.5 KLOS) party at Disneyland!

From what I’ve heard, there will only be about 10,000 or so other people – and, for Disneyland, that means the park will pretty much be empty! We’re totally excited because, well, have you seen how much Disneyland is these days? I think they’re competing with the housing market!

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to post a “Disney” entry and now I have. What are the odds of anyone else reading this site also going tonight? Pretty bad, I’d say – but leave a comment if you think you’ll be there, too!

Making the Orange Crush more hellish… so you don’t have to…

Ah, the Orange Crush… how many afternoons have we spent there behind an endless line of unmoving traffic? How many evenings? How many mornings? Nights? Days? Dawns? Dusks?

Does the Orange Crush ever move???

Well, if it did, the OCTA and CalTrans are doing what they can to put a stop to that!

Okay. Wait. Let’s not be cynical. This is only temporary but how many of us know what’s to come? Starting on Monday (or so) and going on for at least EIGHT MONTHS, you’ll no longer be able to go from the eastbound 22 to the southbound 5. (There’s also some vague mentioning of the northbound 5 interchange, so be cautious!)

Sure, you might think of this as yet another way for the Man to stick it to you with no lubrication of any kind… and you’d probably be right. But think of it this way: In about a year, you can take the new interchange… at about 4-5 miles per hour…

Being a Geek

While catching up on some of my long neglected RSS/ATOM feeds yesterday I ran across a quote by Russell Beatie it said

If someone’s using a PC to demo the Next Big Thing… Then it’s not the next big thing.

Right off the bat I was kind of taken a back by reading this. I mean come on my PC is my life I pretty much do everything on it from shopping, researching things to do on my time off, and working.

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