A fair game robbed

Even the blogging.la folks are giving our Angels their support tonight. That call was horrific. The umpire clearly called the batter out, the inning should have ended right there. I’m not saying the Angels would have won, but they shouldn’t have lost in the ninth.

So here is my question: why doesn’t baseball have video review on disputed calls like that? Most other professional sports have some sort of review process and it works well for them. Clearly they don’t need to review every play, I doubt anybody will ever review an offsides call in hockey. But they do sometimes review a goal, to see if the puck crossed the goal line and the ref just didn’t see it. In any game, at speed, the human eye can miss things. The refs and umpires aren’t perfect. Sometimes they will miss things, and a video playback will ensure a fair playing of the game. It will also keep the refs honest, so when they call a player out, they can’t then go change their mind and let the run to first.

If the Angels loose this series it will be that umpires fault, and he should be fired whether the Angels win or not.

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