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While catching up on some of my long neglected RSS/ATOM feeds yesterday I ran across a quote by Russell Beatie it said

If someone’s using a PC to demo the Next Big Thing… Then it’s not the next big thing.

Right off the bat I was kind of taken a back by reading this. I mean come on my PC is my life I pretty much do everything on it from shopping, researching things to do on my time off, and working.

Then when i started thinking about it yeah he seems to be right. Besides using the PC for shopping and work I think it has pretty much reached its end. The average person can only do so much with a computer (check emails, surf the web, a couple of games). Unless you think of something to totally change the way a PC is used things arena’t really going to change that much. Don’t get me wrong there are a million other things out there a computer can do but just not your every day PC.

With the advancements in technologies these days I don’t see a reason why your even going to need a full blown desktop or laptop PC in every day life. With the development of true web applications on the rise and the bandwidth that is being pumped into your home their is almost no reason to have a full fledged PC anymore. There is also no reason for companies to use PCs in most cases all this could be done with diskless computers that pull their applications off of the wire. The way things are changing I don’t think it will be long till companies realize they can switch their desktops back to pretty much dumb or simi-smart terminals and get rid or most of their PC support staff. Kind of go back to the days of the mainframes and not have a “Tech Guy” at every office. If a PC or terminal goes down you just replace it, have the user login, and things are like new. A couple of changes in the way companies look at their computing infrastructure would save them tons of money in the long run and more headaches down the road. Once the corporate world took to the idea of diskless computers it would follow into most homes and change the way home computing is done.

Some times I live in a dream world but the technologies are out there now its just a matter of time before people start putting them together.

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