Back from NY

Last week I had to visit NY for work. I really like that city don’t get me wrong but there is something about SoCal that I like much more. I think I realized what it was when I got there and my buddy took me to get “Mexican” food. At a place called Tequillaville by Grand Central Station. I didn’t mind it but it’s not like when he comes out to Irvine for work the first place I am going to take him is to get pizza. Well I figured what harm could it do at least their Coronas were cold and there atmosphere wasn’t that big of a let down. I got a menu and I ordered a Quesadilla figuring I would try the safe play. Boy was I wrong it wasn’t horrible but it just wasn’t as good as I could make off of my own stove with some Kraft slices. I then realized I don’t think I would ever be able to live in NY just because of the Mexican food. So today when I got back to town I made my way to Taco Factory in Irvine for lunch and washed those memories of NY’s Mexican food out of my mind. Viva La OC….

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