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Obey warehouse sample sale

Okay, same as last year only it

OC Factoid

Hey did you know? South Coast Plaza employees (all 12,000 of them) park off site and are shuttled in during the holiday shopping season? Why? Because this is Orange County, and we

Disappearing Sand Dune Mystery Solved!

These folks are in for a little slice of hell. Well deserved hell, if you ask me. It was reported in July (see Terry Chen’s note and photo here) that one morning a handful of Newport Beach homeowners woke to an unobstructed view

OC Weekly makes Political Wire

Got to give props to the people at OC Weekly for making Goddard’s Political Wire. (Hey, we don’t give these out very often, so soak this one up)

The Weekly made Political Wire for their article on how Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) former mayor and possible rumored candidate for President, has flown under the traditional media radar for political candidates by speaking at motivational seminars with the likes of Jerry Lewis.

Great, that’s all we need. A possible presidential candidate pandering to an arena full of real estate agents and chruch administrators (What an odd combonation). And with a guy named Zig Ziglar at the helm, shouldn’t he be doing some other line of work with that name?

Oh, and don’t forget to purchase your own copy of this motivational seminar on CD for just the small price of $49.95. Sure hope the money isn’t going to a political campaign because I think I would smell a violation in there somewhere.

WEEDS on Showtime

Okay the last couple of years I have been hooked on the HBO Original Series. Most recently Rome has been my show of choice. I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago and he said he had been watching WEEDS on Showtime I think I have found a new favorite show. So today while I am goofing off with nothing to do I am watching the whole season ON-DEMAND. I am on episode number 7 right now and I strongly recommend it. Jenji Kohan is the Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer and is my new number 1 person in Hollywood…. If you watch the show you will know what it has to do with Orange County :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everybody out there a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Metroblogging Orange County. I hope everybody’s weekend is fun and safe. Enjoy today, for tomorrow the madness of the shopping season starts. I’ll see you all at South Coast bright and early Friday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Arte = Georgia

Anyone old enough to remember the saga of the Los Angeles Rams, who played in Anaheim Stadium, but claimed they belonged to Los Angeles, will see history repeating itself. Needless to say the Rams sucked at the time, but I did go to a few games before Georgia packed up the team to St. Louis and never looked back.

Well, it looks like Anaheim has a new Georgia in town, his name is Arte.

Whining and complaining that the City is not treating him fairly; he has dropped the rich owner complaint of “I can take the team anywhere I want.” Um, not yet Arte. You see you signed an agreement till 2016, needless to say it is the same agreement that requires you to keep the name Anaheim in the team’s name and in the Stadium’s name, but I digress.

Arte was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying that “They (the city) is trying to run him out of town.” I would gladly show him the door my self, it’s called the five freeway and Los Angeles, the city that you truly want to be named after, is right up the freeway.

This disagreement was bound to spiral out of control after the playoffs. The city is gearing up for a legal fight, which they might be able to win in the appeals court, and the Angels are having to spend more on their legal team then on their relief pitchers. With Arte taking the approach of “Cut and Run” and the city picking up the pressure on the NFL and the NBA to get expansion teams or teams to move, Arte may be making a big mistake. He could leave the market just before it explodes around him with the Platinum Triangle project and the renovations and upgrades to the surrounding infrastructure that would occur if the NFL stadium is built.

Nevertheless, we have heard all of this before and look where the Rams ended up.

We are Number 2!

While surfing the net today, I came across this article from on the Xbox 360. It appears that a person from the AH was number two in line to receive one of the first Xbox 360’s at the “Zero Hour Event” in Palmdale.

“Anthony Sager, a 23-year-old from Anaheim Hills, Calif., had gotten in line just after Edwards. He said he was impressed with Microsoft’s and Best Buy’s system for selling the consoles in which buyers paid their money earlier in the day and got wristbands entitling them to an Xbox. The idea was that once the distribution started, those with wristbands would be quickly ushered through the line.”

Anyone know where I can get one?

Sunday Morning Smog


Harry Potter and the Inopportune Fire Alarm


Went out with Jill and my mom tonight (hey, every once in a while you have to spend time with you mom, right?) to see Harry Potter at the Festival Edwards in Anaheim Hills. The movie was great, until the last ten minutes or so. Well, I think it would have been another ten minutes, I don’t really know because somebody pulled the fire alarm right during the climax of the movie. During the magic wand lightning duel these strobe lights started and the screen suddenly went black. I thought it was part of the movie. It took me a second to figure out what was going on, I’m sure the annoyingly loud buzzer helped me in my realization.

After some navel gazing we finally filed out of the theater. Luckily there wasn’t actually a fire, I was the fourth to last person through the exit and had there been a real fire I’m sure I would have burned to death.

After a sort wait outside the fire department showed up, and after a further wait the move theater announced they would give everybody with a ticket stub a voucher for another movie. So I’ll be going back to see Harry Potter some other time this weekend.

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