Jarhead Movie

Whelp I couldn’t wait for the movie Jarhead to come out this weekend. I even took off from work a bit early to see it. I really didn’t care for the movie too much. I mean it was a pretty boring story of a guys time in the Marines pretty much the same as mine. It was really uneventful unlike the guys that are currently in Iraq. At least he got to see some action if it was only 4 days. I was in for 5 years and never had the opportunity to fight. I guess it is just a matter of your time and place in life. I do think there will be some other guys to tell stories from their current trips to Iraq that are going to be more eventful and if you ask me will make better movies. I am not going to say I didn’t like the movie but it just wasn’t that good of a story. A good friend of mine picked up a copy of the book and finished it this weekend and said its way better than the movie and the movie does no justice to the book. I guess its one of those lost in translation things. I will be borrowing his copy and reading it next to see what its like.

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