Hootenanny ’06 Wrap-up

Hootenanny ’06 has come and gone. The OC Register does a fairly good job ticking through the line up, so I won’t bother other than to mention that it was a real treat to see Wanda Jackson. Each year the organizers manage to find a performer to remind us of our roots. Remember the appearance last year of the late Link Wray?

Of the event itself, though, I’ll offer up a few thoughts and observations.

20060701_0098_c.jpgFirst, if the objective is to organize an event to show off cars and ink, then I suppose that July is the time to do it. The downside is that by late afternoon the heat has sucked much of the energy from the crowd. This year they installed misters which did cool things off a bit — if only directly under them. (The downside of the misters was that by later afternoon a few shallow mud holes had formed.) To further address this, I encourage the organizers need to take a trip to Angel Stadium and check out the beer concession. One of the first things that Disney did when they were the owners of the Angels was to realize that if people were willing to shell out $6 for a beer than it was in their best interest to seperate them from their money as efficiently as possible. Now there are beer carts almost every 20 feet. Beer lines at the Hootenanny quickly grew and stretched a hundred yards or more. We could have done with more beer stands — many more beer stands.

20060701_0008_c.jpgSecond, as usual, I started with the cars. The hot rods on display weren’t the coddled, polished Boyd Coddinton hot rods that only the CEO’s attempting to purchase the dreams of their youth can afford — no, I can’t help but as the more loved vehicles, all dressed out in their finest flat black.

Third, all too often I’ve found myself looking around at a punk rock show and noting that there are a number of others my age in attendance — and, in many cases, they are not wearing their years well. As noted in the LA Times in an unrelated article, “Nothing reminds you you’re really very old like a punk rock show.” But aging is more than it is cracked up to be and I’ve felt an odd sense of continuity when I’ve taken my kids to see bands like Social Distortion and Rancid and seeing them recognize something in the music — the same sense of anger, angst and hope that I heard as a youth. Hootenanny played host to a number of parents sharing their music and their culture with their children. And their soon to be children.

More photos on the OC Metroblog Fliker Group.

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  1. phee (unregistered) on July 6th, 2006 @ 11:33 pm

    Good observations. I’d only add that it was lame to have the single lane of traffic separate into five to pay for parking, then everyone had to try to get back into one line. Getting out of lot at the end of the day was atrocious. Next year, we’ll bring our dinner and kill two hours waiting for the line to move. The altercations that broke out during Flogging Molly’s set – what can I say, except you take a hot day, beer, and a crowd, and you’re bound to have some flare-ups. Props to Flogging Molly for playing through it, and for the crowd to help calm nerves and get the guys settled down. The music was worth it, though. It’s always worth it.

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