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Forget the Dog Park, Take Them to the Mall!

I was at Fashion Island this past weekend, and do you want to know what the hot new accessory is?

Nope, not knee-high brown leather boots.

Nope, not Uggs.

The accessory (or for some people multiple accessories) are a bit more furry than even Uggs.

That’s right, dogs.

I saw almost as many dogs as children, it seemed. I realize that it is an outdoor mall, but why do people insist on bringing them there and taking them into the stores? Do the well-off owners of these pooches not have expanses of lawn for the dogs to romp?

The vast majority of dogs were immaculately groomed and probably cleaner than me, but still. I wondered what would happened if one of them pooped in a store. I almost sort of wanted to see what would happen. Would the owner pick it up? Do they all walk around with doggie bags tucked in their pockets? Or would they move on disdainfully, leaving the cleanup to the peons?

I know, I know, I ask way too many questions.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pagent

The Hunger Artists Theatre Company is presenting “The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pagent” Fridays through Sundays, December 1 – 17, 2006 at their theatre in Fullerton. From their site:

An original comedy, just in time for Christmas, that celebrates the twisted and hilarious history of the new religious phenomenon, Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

Performances of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant will take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 7 pm. There will be a special “$5.00 Night” performance on Thursday November 30 at 8 pm – that’s the one I’m going to (not because I’m cheap, I just happen to be free). Hope to see you there!

Blogger Takedown in the OC

With the last election behind us, and the great results for local Democrats, a new scandal is brewing. This doesn’t involve a politician, this doesn’t involve a lobbyist, this doesn’t involve the registrar of voters or a letter, this involves a blogger.

Yup, a blogger. I never thought the day would come where the Register would run an article on a blogger and an investigation into his writings. The ramifications of this investigation run far beyond one local political blogger, this could cause a bigger problem for all political bloggers when a local politician can’t take the heat of his/her own past.

Chris Prevett has been one of the fellow bloggers on The Liberal OC (a site which even gave me a honorary membership card), a site that played a pivotal roll in the last election. For once Democrats were on the offensive and The Liberal OC paved the way with breaking news, investigations, and commentary on liberal politics in Orange County. But some in this county are afraid that too much power was gained by local Democrats, that too much power was wielded by the "civilian" media. A few weeks before the election, the County launch an investigation in to Chris’ blogging activity and his allegeded use of county resources to do so. 

The "Orange Curtain" was breached and the powers to be were not happy.

The wielders of the new "Political Weapon," as Norberto calls it in the Register article, succeeded and ruffled some feathers. This weapon breached the Orange Curtain, it fueled the controversy over the Letter Scandal in the race Between Loretta and Tan, it brought positive press coverage for the Democrats and portrayed the OC Republicans as belonging in the same group as their corrupt national brethren.

And for all of this, the one blogger that was within reach by the "powers to be" was Chris.

More after the jump…

Hopefully, No Regrets

After neglecting the laundry for a criminal amount of time due to everyone here being sick (yeah, that’s what I like to tell myself) I finally got around to folding a bunch of clean laundry that had been sitting around for weeks days.

I normally put piles of like with like. Pants, shirts, you know the drill. When I had finished, I stared at a rather large stack of shorts.

With only a tiny bit of trepidation, I placed them all gently in the back of the closet.

Now who says I’m not an optimist?

Two Turkeys Pardoned, not who you think…

With Thanksgiving tomorrow the White House today issued their traditional pardons to the White House turkey. Well, not just one Turkey, this year it was two.

When I first herd about the pardons, I thought Bush was issuing pardons to some of the other “Turkeys” that have visited the White House (Cough, Abrmahoff, Cough).

The two turkeys will spend the rest of their days in Semi-Retirement at Disneyland. Where they will still be in lockup as a tourist attraction.

Happy Turkey Day

If you are leaving town tonight, good luck with the traffic. Try not to tell yourself too many times that you should have left earlier. Or later.

If you aren’t, we are promised a bit of fall-like weather that will possibly enable us to get away with pants and perhaps a sweater.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Go forth and post

To our loyal readers, go forth and spread the news, there is an alternative to the local media:

Get our new self-printable flyers here.

Post them at school, post them at work, post them on the community board of your local coffee shop, fax it to a friend, make great paper airplanes out of it, do what you can to spread the word.

Pieces of Work

I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be eating or shopping at this place any time soon.

I believe in God and am all for freedom of religion, but somehow, I don’t believe that God is going to ensure that these ladies keep within the health code. I’m hoping God has better things to do and lets the county health department do its job.

iPod Dissing and PS3 Grabbing, Wii!

So, let’s go over this for a second: A guy buys two new PS3 systems for 600 dollars each. He waited in line, he fought the crowds, and he emerged victorious. Now, being the entrepreneur that he is, he decides to sell them, for a profit, on Ebay.

No problems there right? It’s just the American way to make a profit.

Well, it seems that this man decided to sell two PS3s in a parking lot of a McDonald’s in La Palma, to two kids, in the middle of the night. Bad idea!

He was shot in the face with pepper spray and the kids grabbed the PS3s and made a run for it.

In other technology news, Bill O’Riley has declared the iPod an “Enemy Combatant.” I’m not even making this up. Apparently he dissed the iPod, saying he would never own one and that he would never wear one. Hypocrite, he obviously didn’t check his website lately, his Factor is available as a subscription podcast. Yup, podcast. This must be what the new talking point is in D.C. iPods are for Terrorists, Zunes are for Patriots. Gee, Microsoft must really be desperate after the sales for the first week of the Zune Zucked (No, that’s not a typo, that’s intentional).

Maybe I’ll spurge and get a Wii this year, it seems there are plenty of those in The OC.

Get thee to Angel Stadium This Weekend

Does standing in the batter’s box at Angel Stadium and hitting a few pitches sound like a fun thing to do?

How about running the bases or catching a fly ball in center field?

If all that sounds good, then just bring two or more canned goods (and no crappy old beans or something, please!) to Angel Stadium this weekend and entrance onto the field is yours! They are doing a Food Bank Harvest, and that is a pretty good payoff for wanting to help!

Update: You’ve got to give a bit more to shag fly balls, go here for more info…

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