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And to think I’m already firmly planted in the journalism industry…

Say you’re an up and coming model, and you live in Orange County. You’re looking to make a name for yourself, set you and your photos apart, and break into the industry with a bang. Let’s assume also you really like food. I mean, really. Have I got a deal for you, as found at the Orange County Craigslist:

Need models for a set of erotic & food photos.

This modeling position will require close up full nudity with food.
Posing both solo and/or with a partner (***couples welcome)

Models need to submit full body shot for consideration to

Requirement to be considered as a Model;
Shaved and very Clean ie: no piercing or tattoos of genitalia
Both male and female should have nicely formed genitalia
(size is not an issue here FORM and shape is)

How can you say no?

2.35 Million Will Buy You…

…a baseball card. But not just any baseball card. A 1909 Honus Wagner (who?) was bought by two Orange County businessmen from another Orange County man.

I remember when baseball card trading was all the rage, and my husband was no exception. He has a few rare cards, but to be honest, they have dropped a lot in value since he originally bought them. I was surprised to hear that there was still such a strong market for baseball cards.

But, since the Honus Wagner was only one of 50, and in the best condition of those 50, I can see how it might be worth a bit more than that Mike Schmidt rookie card we’ve got sitting in a box somewhere.

City Girl Looking for Country Produce

All this talk of food is making me hungry!

It brings to mind that the Fullerton Farmer’s Market (the one held downtown) will be starting up again in a few weeks. As much as it can be a nice place to hang for an afternoon with my son, it really doesn’t have all that much actual produce. Bounce houses? Check. Free music/bands? Check. Lots of booths with items that are not edible? Check. To find a real variety of veggies and fruits is kinda hard there. Which to me, sort of defeats the purpose of a Farmer’s Market. Ditto with the one held in downtown Anaheim, which has more fake purses than produce.

I’ve been to the one in Orange, which when I visited consisted of an entire four booths, one of them purveying nothing but bread, and the other one held in Fullerton. This one has more vendors than the abovementioned, but the parking is a mess and everyone is fighting to walk on the same small strip of sidewalk with foot traffic going both ways. We like to take our son’s Radio Flyer wagon to store our loot in, and as we always wind up unintentionally bonking people in the ankles with it, I’d rather avoid Fullerton II. I mean, hello, how can you not see the huge red wagon in front of you? Must be the same type of people that stand up on moving trams. Anyhoo…

Anybody got a favorite Farmer’s Market to share? I know there is a big one at the fairgrounds, but that is a little far for me. I would go, though, if everyone tells me it is the best one.

So Long Henry’s?

Whole Foods will acquire Wild Oats, the company that owns and is DBA Henry’s Farmer’s Market here in sunny Southern California. So, this begs the question: What will happen to Henry’s? Will they become Whole Foods stores? Will Whole Foods still continue to operate them DBA Henry’s like Regal Entertainment does with Edwards Cinemas? Will they simply close the stores?

Why does any of this matter? I’ll tell you why. The more variety we have in healthy organic foods the better off we are. Don’t get me wrong, I like Whole Foods just fine, but at some point the chain will (or maybe already has) become a perverted, misshapen, homogenized parody of it’s self. Currently if you hold some of the “organic” products found in our grocery stores up to a mirror, the reflection is distorted to say the least. It’s the Mart-ification of organic natural food stores.

How long will it be before Whole Foods gobbles up all of the Mother’s Markets as well?

Accidents Can Happen

But who is to blame?

The Register reported yesterday about two women who, from the typical close-mouthed Disney account, seemed to have fallen off the tram. No info about whether it was at a “complete stop” or if it was still moving. However, more egregious seems to be the reports about one of the women’s feet possibly being run over by the tram. Frustrating because the lack of a detailed account makes it hard to know what actually happened. Were the ladies up at the front and thus not easily seen by either of the tram personnel? I’m not sure I believe that the tram operators, if the tram had been stopped, would give the all clear if people were rolling aound on the floor. Different story if the tram was still in motion, however.

I’m curious as to how much fault lies with the ladies and how much lies with Disney. But, we’ll probably just have to leave it to the lawyers to figure it out, as always.

Update: A little more info coming out now, it appears that at least one of the women was standing up while the tram was moving. Thus, the falling off. Is it rude if I say “Don’t stand up on a moving tram and expect to stay on it?”

Love Thyself

Guys, does this photo turn you on? Does it make you feel amorous? Does it make you feel randy? At a glance, does it make you wanna flex your wonder muscle? If so, then boy do I have the medical lab test you have been looking for!

This is the high-tech facility where people in Orange County are expected to produce samples of the sticky male variety. This is the semen collection room at Quest Diagnostics in the Orange Medical Complex at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange. As you can see it also doubles as the lab’s public restroom. They really know how to set a mood don’t they?

When I went in for my semen analysis I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I did not expect to find myself waiting outside the door to a restroom with a collection cup in hand, wondering when the geriatric patient ahead of me would be finished using the toilet. Gag.

Could this get any worse? Find out after the jump…

The Bowers Gets A Little Steep

I wrote previously about the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Bowers, not knowing that they now charge 19 bucks admisssion! Ouch!

To me, that seems like an awful lot of money for what many consider to be at best a second-tier museum. Perhaps they are trying to boost their revenue and turn it into a first-tier but most museums are funded by endowments and the like, not by admission prices.

We don’t have a whole lot of well-known museums here in Orange County, but a short hop away to LA and there are world-class ones that don’t charge, or at least there is a day a month where you can get free admission no matter where you are from.

John Wayne (SNA) Shortcut

The arrivals lanes at John Wayne Airport are often congested and late last night was no exception. I was there to pick up my son and ran into much more traffic on the lower “arrivals” level than I anticipated at 10:45pm when I remembered this tip from Matt Haughey (A Whole Lotta Nothing via 43 Folders):

When picking people up curbside at the airport, tell your friends/family to meet you in departures, not arrivals. Especially on weekends and holidays, the arrivals area at most major airports will back up ridiculously as people hog the lanes and wait for people.

There are clearly some flaws with this strategy — certainly if everyone did it, the airport would be total chaos. But my son had no baggage and was already at the curb when I pulled up so it worked like a charm!

Now if only the nearby Fatburger had been open late …

Open Registration for new OC Metrobloggers!

You always read us for the local vibe, the politics, the intrigue, the people, and the craziness that is living in the OC. Now here is your chance to deliver you views on what it’s like to live in Orange County.

Sean and the Metroblogging team have announced Open Registration for new bloggers to join the metroblogging network. Go here to join.

So here is your chance to bring a different political perspective (Matt your always welcomed), bring back the old days of the Weekly (Commie Girl), or possibly get a South County perspective on the OC (we seem to be mostly in the North). At a minimum we would like authors who can commit to blogging three times a week, words and/or pictures, about life in Orange County.

So sign up today and become part of the largest metroblogging network on the web.

Update: It seems that I misread an e-mail, there are no open signups for the OC Metroblog at the moment, but if you would like to join our crew, e-mail me and I will forward your information on to the Metroblogging gods. The more bloggers the better…

OC Native Lands Plum Role

The musical “Wicked” is coming to the Pantages Theater, and one of the lead roles is being played by an OC native. Eden Espinosa, who grew up in Orange and Anaheim Hills, got her start in musical theater first at Canyon HIgh School, and then at Disneyland. She plays the part of Elphaba, who later winds up turning into the Wicked Witch of the West. I hear it is a fabulous production, I’m going to try and get tickets soon. Congrats to her!

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