iDay is here – Line in the AH at 2:00am

jesusphonetheotokos.jpg As I was driving home, after a long night, I noticed a glow of tv’s and computer screens in front of the local at&t store out in the AH. As I drove closer, it was apparent what was forming in front of the store: a line.

Yup, a line for a freaking phone! But mind you, not just anyphone…the iPhone.

There were six people in line playing games, surfing the web on laptops, and one even had their truck backed up to the store with the tailgate open.

This line was way, way, way ahead of the 6pm launch of the iPhone. Expect the line to be longer tomorrow.

(While I would like to take credit for the picture above, alas I cannot. The picture is from BoingBoing.

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