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OC Fair: Horticulturally Challenged

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This stunning horticultural achievement is on display that the OC Fair. Sort of makes one appreciate the hard work the Mouse House puts into it’s flower beds huh? Frankly, I can’t even figure out exactly what this mess of flowers is supposed to look like. A sunburst in hell perhaps?

This little slice of landscaping is the perfect visual aid to depict what it is I don’t like about the fair. It’s a disorganized mess, lightly formed into something that looks familiar and yet cheap – all for the price of eight dollars.

Why do people go to the fair? I just don’t get it. There seem to be two types of individuals: Those who insist that the fair rawks and those who insist it “sucks matzo balls”. At least that’s how my friend (and consistently amusing yenta) Gina puts it – ok so she left out the “matzo” when she said it, but you get the general idea.

There just isn’t much value to what the fair has to offer me. Am I missing something? It smells like beer, rancid peanut oil and cow dung. Yummy. Why do half the people I meet seem to think it’s so great? Is there some super secret really fun thing I somehow missed when I was there that would totally rock my socks and make me feel like I wasn’t in a sunburned purgatory for sweaty carnies?

No seriously, is there some sort of hidden gem or delightful charm that I just can’t find? I don’t think it exists – but if it does then I’d like to know why it’s so damn hard to find. Skip the fair. Go to the beach.


The Circus Was In Town

Yesterday we went to the circus at the Arrowhead Pond Honda Center.

I expected to possibly see some PETA-like protesters there, but no one was picketing in front of the elephants. They also had tigers and zebras, horses and dogs, but you couldn’t really see them. Only the elephants were on total display in the parking lot.

It might make me sound like a person that doesn’t care about animal rights, but we really enoyed the show. This is our third year in a row going to Ringling Bros. and I can forsee many trips in the future when they are in town.

Some people won’t see the circus on account of what they see as the subjugation of animals. They don’t want to give their money to an institution that has a history of animal cruelty, or indifference, depending on who you talk to. But really, hasn’t the human race always subjugated animals? Where would we be if we had never captured and trained horses for agricultural and travel use?

Although I have to say that on some level, it bothers me to see some of the animals performing tricks on cue, I really do feel that overall they have a fairly cushy life. I think that the trainers truly care for their animals. Either that, or I am a total sucker for the circus PR machine.

The only bad thing I have to say is that it should be a crime to try and charge twenty (!) dollars for a regular sized bag of cotton candy just because you attach a three dollar hat to it. And refuse to sell anyone just the candy without the hat.

Where you at, OC?

Hello my Orange County friends! Excuse my recent absence – I’ve been working on other projects – take a read if you’re the type.

What’s new in the OC this week and weekend? Share the good news with the world!

HB Hosts US Open of (What Else), Surfing!

The US Open of Surfing concludes this weekend at Huntington Beach.

They have a nice website here, with competition schedules, concert performers, and even a history of the event.

It looks like it will be a scorcher this weekend, so if you feel like fighting the crowds to see some world class surfing and beat the heat, check it out.

Fashion Island Goes All 80’s on Us

On Aug. 1, as part of their Summer Concert Series, Fashion Island welcomes none other than Terri Nunn.

Former lead singer of the 80’s power group Berlin, you will find her rocking out in NB. Seating is free on a first-come, first-serve basis, although you can pay 20 bucks for prime seats in the front.

Go here for all the details.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Go here to find out the date, time and location for an open casting call for the shows “Deal or No Deal” and “1 vs. 100” held here in OC.

Just be sure to practice your facial expressions, yelling, jumping, and vigorous clapping before you go.

In n’ Out

Nope, I’m not talking about the famous burger chain, but carpool lanes.

Today’s LA Times has this article about a study done by the OCTA that says OC residents support a policy that would allow them to use the carpool lanes at will during off-peak hours.

Well, duh.

Remember the original idea behind carpool lanes? It was supposed to provide an incentive to rideshare, thus getting the privilege to go somehwat faster on the freeway.

Of course they are going to say that everyone should use the carpool lane, because that means they would get an extra lane on the freeway. Without actually having to jump through any of those pesky hoops of gas conservation to use it.

Paint Your Wagon!

God forgive me I will soon be migrating to dwell in South County.

In the next month or two I shall grace Irvine with my overwhelming progressive super-tolerant uber-liberal presence. God’s not the only one who has to forgive me; I have friends that act like I am committing some sort of unforgivable sin by heading south. It’s not like I am moving to Moreno Valley or something – which, for the record is an unforgivable sin. Sheesh!

Why all the hatin’ people? Is really that bad? Besides, we need more south county bloggers. Is there some hidden evil secret about south OC that I am unaware of?

Howdy from Austria!

Well, I know that this is not an OC related post. But let me connect the dots: I fly all the way to Austria, which is home to Arnold (for the record, I didn’t vote for him. He is from Graz), who is the Governor of California, and California is the state that the OC is located in. It’s a pretty broad stretch, so work with me here.

(Mike on the floor of the Austrian Parliament)

If it makes this more of an OC post, I have been wearing my Anaheim Ducks hat all over Germany and Austria.

I’ll post more local stories when I return from Europe.

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