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9th Annual Surfside Seventies Contest


I haven’t attended this event before — indeed, I’d much rather forget the 70s — but this looks like it might be fun. What else do you have to do tomorrow?

… taking place on Saturday September 29th at Anderson St. in Sunset/Surfside, Orange County, California … a great time to check out some funky shapes and see some great surfing.

Being that this is the ninth year running the event has almost lasted as long as the actual 70’s decade …

Trophies and prizes will be handed out for Best Barrel, Best Seventies Style, (Worst Wipeout or Deepest Pearl), and Best Mustache. Awards ceremony will be held at the new and improved Sam’s Seafood with special secret guests. Sponsored by Kanvas by Katin and Lost.


Last Minute: Walk to Stop Executions!

From Walk to Stop Execution’s Web Site:

Death penalty opponents from Death Penalty Focus, California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty, and Amnesty International USA will embark on a 800 mile Walk to Stop Executions on September 15, 2007. The purpose of the walk is to draw attention to the issue of the death penalty, unite local activists, and to encourage the district attorney in every county along the walk route not to seek the death penalty in any case.

Want some exercise? Want to make a difference? Then head on down to Santa Ana today at 11:30am at 17th and Main and take a one mile walk to the courthouse for a rally at noon. Cause you know, killing people is wrong (no matter what the circumstance). Feel free to flame away people.

Anaheim Retaliation: This is Getting Good!

Ooooh, Disney Vs Anaheim – it’s on!

This just in from the OC Register: “The City Council gave its blessing for a ballot initiative that would give voters say on whether Disney can build a theme park or other project on company-owned property.”

I am sure many people have strong feelings about this. The Liberal OC is asking you to chime in. How do I feel about it? I’ll never tell. What I will say is please pardon me while a take a moment and laugh my ass off. I think it’s funny – really really funny.

Don’t you just hate it when you open a can of worms and then the worms fly out of the can and sadistically bite you in the face? If you can’t find the humor in this most recent development then I guess you’re not seeing the big picture. I know Curt Pringle (who just loves to intimidate Hispanic voters) and Harry Sidhu (the “Shameless Tool“) don’t find it funny – as they both opposed the ballot initiative.

Where do you stand on this? Do you (the voters) want control over if an when Disney builds a third gate in Anaheim?

It’s Freeeeeeee! Part XIII

This Saturday Sept. 29 is Museum Day, where participating museums will let you in for free.

Go here to find out which ones will let you in without having to pay. No Bowers this year. Anybody up for the Skirball Center?

Tina Yothers is a Mommy (again).

Congratulations to the actress who played Jennifer Keaton on the 80s sitcom Family Ties. She just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy right here in OC. The newborn’s name is Jake Kaiser and he is the youngest of four siblings in the Kaiser clan.

We love our local 80s has-beens! Needless to say the paparazzi haven’t been beating down her door to get this story. Let’s hope we don’t see her trying to lose the baby weight on Celebrity Fit Club again. I’ve had just about all the Yothers I can take.

Dennis Rodman is grabby. Well Duh!


TMZ is reporting that occasional celebrity and sometimes OC restaurateur Dennis Rodman is being investigated by the “Sex Crimes unit” of the Sheriff’s department for slapping the rear of a female patron of Hennessy’s Tavern in Dana Point.

I’m not supposed to be snickering am I? Sexual harassment/assault is no laughing matter.

No word on weather he also being investigated by the Fashion Police.

Thank Goodness

UCI Chancellor was able to get his head out of his nether regions and rehire Erwin Chemerinsky. Dang that’s hard to spell. I’m gonna call him Professor C from now on.

Some conservatives are still unhappy with the choice, but oh well. If Malibu can accept Ken Starr, then OC can accept Professor C.

As to the debate on whether the school will be hurt by the chaos, if Paris Hilton can make a comeback, I don’t think UCI will have a problem.

Creepy LA (that goes without saying)

David Markland from has a new creepy/Halloween blog about all things LA – which also encompasses Orange County I guess. It’s called Creepy LA. Spooooky!

I read a few posts and he has wasted no time bashing Haunted Mansion Holiday (it was his third post). However there were some other more worthwhile posts that followed, including a wonderful vintage picture of Halloween in Anaheim. Boo!

I won’t judge him too harshly for his misbegotten ideas about Haunted Mansion Holiday because I think this blog is actually a good idea. It seems like and excellent way to round up all the comings and goings of Halloween in Southern California. As long as it doesn’t devolve into disrespectful crime scene retardedness (Robert Blake and OJ come to mind) the blog could emerge as a useful tool about things that go bump in the night.

The Doll Hut

Saturday night I went to the Doll Hut, the former truck stop that, under the previous owner (as Linda’s Doll Hut), served as a launch pad for a number of local punk bands. I’d been meaning to check it out since the new owners sorted out their little permitting problem. The place was perfect. Smaller than some of the garages in south county, it’s a dive bar overlooking the 5 FWY in the semi-industrial part of Anaheim just north of Disneyland. The most popular drink seems to be a 24 ounce can of Pabst Blue Ribbon for $5. For food they sell Cheetos and provide Tabasco on request. Still, I knew I was in the right spot when, shortly after I arrived between sets, the juke box began to play The Animal’s “The House of the Rising Sun.” Suddenly, the patrons started whooping and soon most of them were singing along. The highlight of the evening was the set by Brass Knuckle Voodoo culminating with a cover of Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child.”

A message to the employees of Helio (at The Block):

Stop asking questions you don’t want the answers to.

I know your stupid marketing campaign is to try and convince consumers that Helio is a lifestyle and not just a crappy phone. I understand that you overstaff your kiosk with vaguely hip youth who don’t hard-sell customers but rather just chat-them-up about Britney or Kanye or whatever the hell else is considered marginally hip and/or cool.

I also understand that it is polite of me to humor your young sales people by smiling and at least acknowledging their existence. However, if you want to sell me a phone, you can start by not insulting my recent purchase at the local music retailer (Virgin) as I walk by. If you’re going to ask me “excitedly” what I just purchased, then at least try not to offend me by making faces or negative comments about the artist who authored my most recent CD acquisition. In other words, don’t be a douche.

Insulting someone’s taste in music is like insulting the core of who they are – it’s a very personal thing. How would you like it if I came up to you and said I didn’t like the freckles on your face, or the tattoo on your arm? You wouldn’t, so when it comes to the way I spend my money, you guys just need to shut it!

Besides, Verizon Wireless is better anyway.

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