UCI Can Stuff It’s Sorries in a Sack

Why in the world would a fledgling law school not crave having a renowned legal scholar as it’s first dean?

Because the conservative politicos in Orange County still hold some of the strings. And Professor Chemerinsky is just a tad bit too liberal (gasp) for them to handle. And God forbid we get a liberal in charge of a government funded scholarly institution. He is good enough for USC and Duke, but an unestablished public law school that will need all the help it can get to attract top-flight students? Fugheddaboudit.

This kind of academic censorship is untenable, no matter which way it is sugarcoated.

UCI Chancellor Drake should step down if he doesn’t have the cojones to confront conservative critics after a formal offer has been made. He has no business being the head of a major academic institution if he cannot choose the right candidate, regardless of political affiliation.

My friends, the Orange Curtain is alive and well.

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  1. Puh-leeze (unregistered) on September 27th, 2007 @ 4:16 pm

    “This kind of academic CENSORSHIP”? Because a man who has the authority to rescind an offer bowed to public PRESSURE? You make it sound like those evil conservatives suddenly seized power in Sacremento and steamrolled a law banning left-wing commentators from being the Dean of any new law school. I would bet my life’s salary that if the political leanings of the people involved were reversed, you would praise the Chancellor for having the courage to protect those young legal minds from the evil conservative commentator masquerading as a law professor.

    Maybe he should step down if he doesn’t have the decisiveness to have made that decision BEFORE the official offer was made. But “censorship”? I bet it was hard for you to not call for a “regime change”.

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