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Knott’s Berry Farm- Still a Distant Second

We went to Knott’s Berry Farm the other day simply because we were able to get in for free.

And still, I’m not sure if it was worth it.

The “Christmas Craft Faire” has very generic things you could find at many retail shops, and since when did they remove the dinosaur ride to replace it with Laser Tag?

Perhaps it is because my son is not at the age to get on all the big rollercoasters that they have been emphasizing for the last few years, but what little luster Knott’s had, it is gone for me.

One ride my son did love was the Sky Tour thing, the ancient and rattling contraption that takes you 180 feet up in the air for a panoramic view of SoCal. I found that I have a newly discovered fear of heights on that thing.

So, in sum, if you can only afford to attend one theme park in Orange County, make it Disneyland.


Wow, it’s wet and kinda nasty out there – it’s been raining pretty consistently here in eastern Santa Ana, but it was really coming down this morning in Orange and Villa Park. Watch out for slick roads, crazy drivers, and sliding hills (especially if you’re underneath one of those hillsides that burned last month). News, flash flood risk maps, and other info are available here. Stay safe out there!

A Cool and Refreshing Glass of Sewage

What goes down your toilet (and your drain) could soon be coming out of your kitchen faucet. Mmmmm mmmmm! Nothing provides me with more of a pick-me-up than drinking my own waste. Ah the circle of life.

All kidding aside, this is kind of a cool idea. Friday will mark the opening of the world’s largest sewage treatment plant dedicated to making consumable water. The Orange County plant will process seventy million gallons of sewer water each day – what a load of shit (sorry I couldn’t resist)!

I’m not sure how “green” the whole process is, but in theory it seems like a novel way to conserve water and deal with sewage at the same time. It may make you crinkle your nose to think about, but it’s going to be more pure than that bottle of Aquafina you’re drinking.

Just think, every time you flush, you can also be recycling too.

Honey, get the kids. The circus is coming to town!

Yes children, Hillary Clinton will be making an appearance at Saddleback’s Global Summit on AIDS and the Church. This of course begs the question: How many hypocrites can you fit in one building? The answer: About 2000.

I applaud their humanitarian efforts but the fact that it’s at Saddleback gives me the purpose-driven heebie-jeebies (sorry Aunt Deb, I know you attend but it’s all just a bit too charismatic for me). The thought of shelling out three hundred bucks to watch Hillary Clinton’s mega-sized ego on display in a mega-sized church just doesn’t appeal. I’m more of a Kucinich kinda guy.

The OC Register has poll asking why you think Hillary is coming to town? Too bad they don’t have a poll asking why the other candidates aren’t.

If you are interested, the event is being held Wednesday November 28, 2007 – Friday November 30, 2007. For registration questions call 1-800-SADDLEBACK (723-3532) – be sure to give them my best.

Anaheim can’t get its act together…

Supposedly there is a “Nutcracker Festival” this Saturday (12/01/2007) in downtown Anaheim. There is some confusion as to what, when, where and how the event will happen. Or if it’s even going to be a “festival” at all – it might just be a “marketplace”. Is there a difference?

First there was this little press release:

Holiday Street Fair held at the Center Street Promenade. The celebration includes a tree lighting ceremony, rides for children, entertainment, food and a visit from some special guests. The event is sponsored by the Downtown Anaheim Merchants Association, the Nutcracker Holiday Committee, the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim Community Foundation.

Who knew downtown Anaheim even had merchants? I always thought they were a myth, like the sasquatch or J Edgar Hoover’s heterosexuality.

Now the release seems to be scaled back some with a “stay tuned for more info” message on the City of Anaheim’s web site. The event’s official site also says “More details to come…”

Uh? How much longer are we supposed to wait? This shiz is supposed to go down on Saturday? There are no times listed and no real evidence when one is supposed to show up to catch the tree lighting or even the esteemed Mr. Claus.

What kinda Mickey Mouse operation are they running here? If you have the nerve you can call 714-956-3586 for more details…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

See the post below for our Thanksgiving resolution…

A Thanksgiving Resolution

Hello? Is this thing on? What happened? Once those fires hit, the OC Metroblog posts swirled down the drain and disappeared forever.

Something happens to your brain when you get out the habit of posting. I’m ashamed to admit that the less I post to either of my blogs, the more my mind decays. I’m not ashamed however, to guilt my fellow bloggers (that would be you Gina and Mike and Mike and Miles) into returning this blog to some semblance of activity.

So I put forth this personal challenge for myself. Starting Monday (when I return from a Thanksgiving trip to Seattle) I am going to post at least three damn posts a week to this blog weather anyone actually reads the frigging thing or not! Anyone care to join me in this challenge? Wanna up the anti? How bout the first one not to post three posts a week has to buy the rest of us (readers and bloggers) a drink?

I know it’s not always the life of the party here in OC and it doesn’t help when our fellow bloggers from LA blog about OC (in essence stealing our thunder) but I think I can do it. If I can’t, then at least it will be fun for all you readers to watch me fall on my face.

I hope all of you have a safe, happy and heavily fluoridated Thanksgiving!

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