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Disney in a "Giving" Mood

We endured the bone chilling (hey, I’m a native Southern Californian, it was damn cold for me) cold yesterday to hang out at Disneyland.

Usually we skip California Adventure, but my son has become enamored of the Jellyfish Jump, so we find ourselves doing that couple of times, maybe some Mulholland Madness, that Adventure Play Park thing that I don’t even know the name of, and a few other things.

For some reason, we decided to go into the Disney Animation attraction, and are greeted with special “Year of a Million Dreams” Micky Mouse Ears. Dang, we wanted the suite, not some hats! But, we accepted them, of course.

Then at one point we were lounging inside the Grand Californian, and a cast member walked up to us and handed my son some little toy binoculars that were actually promotional material, but hey, they worked.

I looked at my husband and said, “We’ve got to come back more often! Look at how much free stuff we got!”

He looked at me.

“All we got were some hats and some toy binoculars.”

And I replied, ‘Yeah, but we got more today than we have in the past ten years!”

Six Degrees of B.S.

While Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards were busy dropping out of the presidential race before our primary election ever happened and while you were busy perusing the nine hundred and thirty five quantifiable lies the bush administration used to lead us into war, I was busy reading a wonderfully grotesque article in Blender about the train wreck that is Britney Spears. What can I say, I know how to prioritize.

I know I know, not unlike dying in New Jersey, blogging about Britney is redundant. I wasn’t really interested in the whole mess till I read about Sam Lutfi. There is a particularly sad portion of the article dedicated to this man who is currently cast in the role as the pop star’s friend/manager/manipulator. Sam, it seems is a real peach of a fellow. Don’t piss him off – this is a lesson Orange County resident Danny Haines learned the hard way.

When Danny tried to end his two-year friendship with Lutfi, the former basically went bonkers and did some really horrible things. Like what? Well for starters he sent nude “homoerotic” photos of Haines to Haines’ family, friends and employer. Then he followed that up by sending text messages wishing that Haines’ sister would be “raped to death” and emails about Satan and death and your basic wing-nut crazy mo-fo shiz. So special.

Danny has a restraining order against Sam now – he’s not the only one, there are two others related to his violent nature. Of course all this begs the question: how in the hell did Spears end up with this loon? Water finds its own level I suppose. Danny if you’re out there, drop us a line and shed some light on the subject for us – we’d love to know more.

Kazooing in the Rain

Today is National Kazoo Day! Since there is (obviously) no local event planned, I feel we should all do our part by heading to the nearest Karaoke Bar and loudly play our Kazoos to the music till we’re booed off the stage! Whatcha say? You game?

The Happiest Suite on Earth

It won’t be long now… Any moment that ribbon will be cut and the very first randomly selected Guests will be chosen to stay overnight inside of Disneyland! The masterminds behind the new Disneyland Dreams Suite in New Orleans Square are rushing (and I do mean rushing) to put the finishing touches on the new can’t-buy-it family suite inside the world’s most famous theme park.

The design for the Guest-Getaway is inspired by art produced under the direction of Walt Disney himself for his private apartment. Walt never got a chance to move into his new apartment and for years The Disney Gallery resided in the famed location. Now, as part of the park’s Year of a Million Dreams promotion you (yes you – but not me sadly) can stay the night in Walt’s would-be home away from home.

Our friends over at Laughing Place have nice little behind the scenes video that gives you all the dirt on the magical experience.

Check it out here:

There’s no word on what will become of the Mickey Mouse Penthouse, a specially designed penthouse suite at the Disneyland Hotel that was part of last year’s Dreams campaign.

You Are What You Drink?

Ya, ya, I know the old adage is “you are what you eat” but, in this case it really is “you are what you drink.” And in this case, ewww.

Credit: Dave Bullock, Wired

Wired has some great pictures of Fountain Valley’s new $480 million microfiltration system that takes every thing from the water (and I mean “everything”) and filters the water back into a drinkable form.

So next time you have a glass of OC tap water: “bottoms” up…

P.S. Dave was a former blogger for the Los Angeles Metroblog

Two Girls For Every Boy

The lawyers have settled their cases out of court and Huntington Beach won. Huntington Beach is officially Surf City. But we already knew that didn’t we? Of course we did. It’s not like we needed a long protracted legal battle over trademarks and who pissed in the ocean first to tell us this. Jan and Dean were singing about our little seaside haven and everybody knows it.

However if we’re gonna get petty, we ought to go after the quaint little town of Surf City North Carolina. Now there are some brazen fools – the nerve of them actually naming their town Surf City. I smell a law suit (wink, nod)!

Plain, Green Tea or Coffee?

While our friends over at are feeling saturated by yogurt and smoothies, we here in OC are just getting started.

Pinkberry finally has two (count them two) locations in Orange County. One in Huntington Beach and another in Santa Ana that just opened today. It’s located directly across the street from Main Place mall next to the Corner Bakery and is adjacent to the forthcoming Mother’s Market.

Yay! Fro Yo for all! =)

Maybe the Rain Tempered Their Hate

It’s sad news about Heath Ledger, no? [sigh]

The hate-comments and Brokeback Mountain jokes on the OC Register’s web site seem to be behind the national average at the moment. I don’t have proof of this mind you. It just seems like people haven’t been as nasty as they normally are over there – whereas the rest of the fear mongers are lighting up the airwaves as usual.

Anyway, check out Dan Abrams as he addresses sticks it to all the souless shmucks in the clip below (courtesy of MSNBC):

Civic Doodie

Care to explain yourself? Tell me all about it in the comments!

How dare you try to make something of yourself! NIMBY!

Leave it to our South County friends to try and stop people from pulling themselves up from the depths of addiction-hell to improve their life. OK, that’s a stereotype that unfairly lumps all South County residents in with a despicable group of shitheads who are suing the city of Newport Beach for two hundred and fifty million dollars. Why? Because there are too many recovering addicts living near them.

All these self motivators are allegedly creating a public nuisance and therefore need to be sued into oblivion. Of course this AP article at SF Gate quotes the residents bringing the suit as saying “It’s not the rehab homes we’re against; it’s the over-concentration.” Suuuuure… and guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Vomit.

Someone get me a phone! I need to call Lucile Kring because I have a proposal that will knock her right wing conservative socks off. Let’s move all the homes to the Anaheim Resort district. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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