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Live from the California State Democratic Convention ’08

While I have been doing most of my blogging on my personal blog, I forgot to write a blog post about some of the local things that have been going on here at the state convention. There is always a large Orange County delegation here every year, this being my forth state convention I was surprised by the number of OC delegates who showed up.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I am a delegate myself.

I am also glad to see the party use the web to stream the state convention. Most of the speeches today have been streamed live. Tomorrow Bill Clinton will be addressing the crowd, since former presidents require a lot of security I’m going to leave it to the state party to stream his speech live. To watch the state convention visit the California Democratic Party.

Catch the Titans on KDOC

With the Titans returning to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in thirty years, it would have been a tragedy if the game was not televised. Since UCLA is getting all of the coverage on Channel 2 (CBS), and USC is even getting television coverage, where were the Titans going to end up?

As it turns out, CBS reached a last minute deal with local station KDOC to air the Titans on Channel 56. Game time will be at 6:30pm, so for those of you stuck in traffic, don’t forget to set your DVR/TiVo before you leave for work.

Cal State Fullerton is also going to host watch parties at the following locations: Monitors and screens are to be set up in the Titan Student Union to allow students to watch the entire game thanks to KDOC in a group setting.

For Titans Fans on Campus

Titans living near campus are invited back for a game watch gathering at the Titan Student Union. Four big screens, comfortable seating, snacks and soft drinks will help make this game one to remember!

For Local Titans
A game watch is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Brian’s Beer and Billiards located in the Albertson’s shopping center on the corner of Yorba Linda Blvd and Placentia. Brian’s Beer and Billiards is an official Titan Athletic corporate sponsor and will be airing the game on their five Plasma screen TV’s. Patrons must be 21 years of age or older with proper identification. (My personal favorite, they have a ton of Titan gear)

Titans BEAT the ‘Eaters for the BigWest Title!!!


UCI lost to the Cal State Fullerton Titans who whomped the ‘Eaters in the Big West Title game at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Titans will finally return to the tournament for the first time in thirty years.

What a sight to see Tuffy crowd surfing the “Orange Curtain!”

Now the Titans will wait and see who they will face in the first round.

UPDATE: The Titans are going to take on Wisconsin in the first round.

Titans to Take on the ‘Eaters for the BigWest Title

Well, well, this was an end to the BigWest Basketball season that I totally did not see coming. Just as the fans to the north are settling down after the big UCLA – USC show down in the Pac-10 Tournament, we here in the OC get to experience nearly the same thing, but this time it’s for all of the marbles.Cal State Fullerton is returning to the title game for the first time since 1982, when they then lost to Fresno State. The Titans have not won a title since 1978. The Anteaters of UC Irvine knocked out UC Santa Barbara, a team which was expected to win the tournament.So it’s the CSU versus the UC here in the OC. This game should be fun and I’m sure there will be plenty of seats at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena.  

Ducks Not Looking Likely to be Repeat Division Champs

Well, it looks like the Anaheim Ducks are not going to repeat as division champs this year.All hope is not lost, the Ducks will still make the playoffs, but winning the division and then going in to the playoffs healthy and strong is a big boost.Wait, the Ducks are not healthy!? Perry is out and Pronger’s jaw is still healing.It looks like the Ducks might have a tough first round opponent on their course to a possible repeat.Here is to hoping that this doesn’t happen in real life.

Nothing is Ever Anonymous

The Liberal OC is all in a dither about homophobia the right to privacy and/or anonymity on blogs.  In case you missed it – and who could blame you if you did – here’s the scoop:

Some Tool anonymously posted some revolting homophobic comments in response to a post in support of same-sex marriage over on TLOC’s web site.  In a follow-up post by Sean Hill, a blogger for the left leaning site whose posts can often be described as incendiary, he “outed” the anonymous commenter as a fellow named Mike Tardif.  Sean revealed Mike’s name, business name and phone number to his readers.

More posts followed. Insults were tossed back and forth and the whole thing degenerated from discourse to flame war.  After a while I just stopped reading the comments because in addition to being tiresome, they were pointless.

Trying to figure out the reasons people post these idiotic juvenile hate-filled comments can almost always be explained by renowned Internetologist Jonathan Gabriel’s Greater Internet Dickwad Theory which sates: Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Dickwad.  Conversely, the response from TLOC can be explained by the Little Bit of Power Douche Bag Theory which states: Normal Person + Little Bit of Power + Subordinates = Douche Bag.  This is especially true with fast food managers.  

We have seen our share of nasty comments here on the OC Metroblog, but we never went as far as The Liberal OC did.  We too can see the IP address of “anonymous” comments but where do we draw the line?  Which side is right?  I’m as liberal as a guy can get, but should I be condemned for feeling they’re both wrong?  My message to Mike and Sean: Grow up and stop pissing in the pool the rest of us are swimming in!

CSUF Titans Co-Champs of the BigWest!

The Titans beat the ‘Eaters to claim title of “Co-Champs of the Big West!” This is the best finish for the Cal State Fullerton Titans in Basketball in long time. Let’s hope they can make it through to March Madness. 

Paying Homage to a Human Popsicle?

Ah, Orange County. The land of sun, beaches, traffic, and smog. But also a place where a person can spend their life in peace with their love one by their side. Well, um, in this case is was in a barrel and it was full of dry ice.According to the OC Register (via (I also have my qualms with OC’s own Dinosaur Blog) Stephen David Royds was spending his time with his wife, in a Tupperware container, filled with dry ice, for “religious reasons.”Um, yea right? Mind you this was in a room at the Fairmont in Newport Beach. That is positively a place where you would not expect something like this to happen. I know the saying “my body is my temple,” but a “frozen body as a temple” might be taking this a little too far.  

Just Stop It!

Seems like Gina is getting her groove on with the new site. Good for her. It’s been a while since I last posted. Ever since the upgrade, the computer I normally use to post has not been getting along with the new interface. I blame Windows XP. For the record, the shiny new Metroblog GUI looks and works quite snazzily on the Mac OS. XP however, seems to have unrecoverable issues. Just sayin’…

On to grander and more obnoxious things, such as my own Orange County Register gripe. Why, pray tell, does this paper constantly shoot itself in the foot?

So here’s the deal. I wanted the Sunday paper only. So I signed up for it. Honestly I can’t commit to the daily paper – it’ll just go to waste. So why isn’t The Register (and the God damn annoying telemarketing firm they have hired) content to let me just have the Sunday paper? Why must they send me mail, call me and literally show up at my frigging door begging me to upgrade my services? For the love of Dakota Fanning, make these people stop.

No matter how many calls I made, no matter how many opt-out marketing exclusions I sent in, no matter what I said or what I did, the Register would not stop. So now instead up cross selling-me on more products they have lost my business altogether.

Dumbasses. They could have retained me as a customer if they had just left me alone. In an age where the newspaper as we know it is dying a slow painful death, they’re going to have to try harder to compete with digital media that doesn’t show up at my front door and harass me. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

No, I’m Not Bitter at All

So the OC Register decided way late to jump on the mommyblogging bandwagon and start their own “Mom Blog” section.

And so where was my invitation to join? It must have gotten lost in the mail.

But I’ve always wondered why newspapers feel the need to have blogs when by their very nature, blogs are almost the exact opposite of what a newspaper should be.

However, some of the mommybloggers on the Register need to find their unique voice and soon, because there are a ton of unpaid bloggers out there who are more compelling and interesting.    Not to say that there aren’t kernels of talent there, but only a few are really standing out from the pack.

I will give the Register kudos for including dads into the mix.

PS I am totally loving this new platform, and it makes doing this ever so much easier!  Thanks, Metroblogging HQ!

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