Obama Evildoer’s to meet in Secret OC Lair

Mu ha ha ha ha… as the sound of the evil laugh echos throughout the canyons of Orange County, there are evil doers amongst us who seek to do harm. They meet in secret to plot there dastardly plan to thwart the one that has been called the “great hope.”The location of the evil lair: Orange CountyTo be more exact, the location is Newport Beach. The same location where Barack Obama just raised more then John McCain.This league of evil-doers includes Floyd Brown and Jim Lacy, Brown is the man behind the “Willie Horton” add and Lacy is the Chairman of Western CPAC.The man behind reverse-discrimination (Now that is an oxymoron) lawsuits and the man who was called by USA Today the “dirtiest campaign strategist” are planning another evil deed.Get ready to fire up the “Obama” signal… (Hey, I had to work in my Batman reference)

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