OC Metbloggers In Trouble?!?!!???11?1!


In the past we’ve had posts, like Gina’s, proving to us that the OC Register writers can’t blog very well. In fact, they reported less on facts and more on how they felt about it. I mean….who does that?? (looks to camera) :-| Well, rather than make their reporters do their job properly, the Register decided to capitalize on the youth in the area, and make them do the real work for the paper. Chapman University journalism students will now be reporting on the hard hitting news around Orange.

In teams the students will focus on different neighborhood areas: Kelly Egan and Thomas Beigle will cover North Orange; David Hall and Jenna Chandler, West Orange; Rachelle Yeung and Ivan Contreras, Old Towne; and Amber Gonzales and Jennifer Gish, East Orange.

What kind of hard hitting stories are we talking about? How about “Shuttered Business Site Worries Neighbors!” or “No Hula Dancers In Fair Crowd“! OK. In fairness, my post on Bike Path Patrol was hardly news worthy. In fact, it was based entirely on speculation because I saw a cop car parked on the bike path. And I’m sure, since they’ve actually had training, their writing skills far surpass mine. But then again……..I don’t write for a (national?) newspaper!

I realize this is an excellent opportunity for these students, and hopefully the “guidance” of the Register doesn’t screw up an already well written story. Maybe these kids can replace the crap writing staff the Register already has!

On a slightly personal note, the paper asked readers to contact their local reporter to tell them about interesting people and events in their area. I ask that you contact your local OC MetBlogger first, cause we’re much more betterer than they are.

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