Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Boycotted Whole Foods?

I just read that an OC family bought a box of crackers from Whole Foods in Tustin and found $10,000 inside. Ten freakin’ thousand dollars in cold, hard cash!

As a kid I remember seeing some PSA or other about some kids who found a brown paper bag filled with money. As the good samaritans they obviously were, they found the rightful owner and returned the loot; the owner was an eldery lady who, for some reason or other, stuffed her entire life’s savings in a paper bag and was walking around outside with it.

In this case, it turns out that the owner of the cash really IS an elderly old woman who stuffed her life’s savings inside a box of crackers! The woman had mistakenly returned the box of crackers to the store, which was then purchased by another family. The family contacted the police and the money was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

One can dream. But two questions still linger … what is Whole Foods doing putting opened packages of food back on the shelves, and why would someone think to buy it??

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