Ways I wish OC was more like LA

Last week I to Los Angeles to meet a friend lunch. While I love Orange County, I realized there are some areas I wish that OC was more like LA:

  • Credit card Parking Meters-I noticed them in use while having coffee at Intelligentsia in Silverlake. The ability to pay parking meters with a credit/debit card is needed. I hardly carry cash. I know Huntington Beach had a pilot program on limited meters in the dog park area of Huntington Cliffs near dog beach, but they are not on the streets much
  • Public Transportation-The frequency and availability is much better than in OC. I really wish cities like Irvine had not voted against it, and now it looks like the Centerline Light Rail Plan is still on hold indefinitely. Although “OCTA has approximately $340 million in Measure M funds set aside for “high-technology advanced rail transit” which could be used on substitute projects…” it is my fear that the “substitute projects” will just be band-aids to a continuing problem.
  • Attitudes-no one seams to care/make a big deal about who they/you are. If anything it seems like people are more worried about keeping anonymity than blowing it. A prime example was the same day having coffee and my friend was taking a picture of a dog for his wife, and after the fact realized they were a celebrity. While sitting there that morning, I noticed a few people that were famous. Not the self promoting, reality show types that want you to recognize them, but people I recognized form their body of work. Unfortunately, it has been y experience in Orange County that when someone of celebrity type status is recognized, they usually are mobbed or at least hounded for photos and/or autographs. Not to say that doesn’t happen in LA occasion, but not as often in my observations.
  • The lack of a “Downtown.” While Santa Ana calls itself “Downtown Orange County” I am not sure if everyone agrees.
  • Bike racks on most streets. The other day I rode to my doctors appointment and had to search for a place to lock my bike and ended up locking it pinned to a handicap parking post and a shrub. No fun. Almost every place I have been in LA has either fixtures on the street to lock bikes or some sort of rack.

    Now for a couple differences I like.

  • Smog- It is a a LITTLE better in Orange County.
  • Traffic- a little more forgiving. Measure M and the toll roads have helped with improving a lot of troubled area. There are still areas to improve on, like I stated above, but our traffic is lighter than LA.

These are just a couple things that struck me the other day. I would love to hear your additions.

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on February 7th, 2009 @ 9:20 am

    I am so tired of having to drive up to LA every time I want to do something fun past 10pm. Oh sure I know there are lots of bars in Newport and Huntington, but seeing as I’m not a douchebag nor do I like hanging out with the "trying too hards" I hate it. And as you stated Jeff, in LA when you go out, it’s very common to see celebrities. And most of the time when you do see celebrities, they’re so laid back you almost miss them. I’ve even ended up in a few conversations with some. So cool! Down here everyone wants to "be seen" so badly. Most of the time its just sad.

    Big chain shopping.
    What happened to boutiques and the like? In LA you can find all these little stores (some are big too) the carry great clothes, furniture, MUSIC and other really nice items that you just can’t find in chain stores. Yet it seems that all Orange County gives permission to build is the big chain stores. There’s nothing like walking down Melrose, east of La Cienega and shopping at all the neat specialty stores. Shoot, even Burbank has stores like that!! C’mon Orange County!! There’s more to life than Old Navy, Hollister and Virgin Megastore Starbuck’s.

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