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Carona’s Appeal Denied

It seems that justice will be arriving on April 27th for disgraced former OC Sheriff Mike Carona.

A judge denied his appeal to overturn his felony witness tampering conviction.

I read somewhere that Carona could get up to six years for the witness tampering, and I have to say that I’m cool with that.

Update On CHOC Update

Children's Hospital of Orange County Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital of Orange County Children's Hospital

CHOC is going to be making some big changes over the next 5+ years, and step one for the change was a name change. Apparently, “CHOC” was not descriptive enough, so CHOC’s Department of Redundancy Department came up with a new one, “CHOC Children’s Hospital.” For those keeping up with the acronyms, that’s “Children’s Hospital of Orange County Children’s Hospital.” Brilliant.

Following the “more” link will take you through some pics and descriptions of some bigger, more sensible changes coming to the hospital….. (more…)

Archiving Orange County AOC: Star-Studded Jail Sentence

At least it wasn't for drunk driving or drugs or assault or sexual misconduct or fraud or......

At least it wasn't for drunk driving or drugs or assault or sexual misconduct or fraud or......

Truman Capote was a well published author. He was openly gay in a time where it was still scary to be so. He often hobnobbed with the Hollywood elite and the world’s royalty. Appearing as a witness in a murder trial was apparently too much for the small man though. He would be sentenced $500 and ordered to serve 40 hours in the Santa Ana Jail. This wasn’t the present, or even 10 years ago. It was 1970.

My how far our celebrities have come……….

Trouble in the OTHER Orange County

Newsday reports that major layoffs are under way at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. No word on how things are progressing on the left coast so far… We all have friends and family members who are employed by the west coast counterpart. Have they told you how it’s shaking down in our neck of the woods?

Blast From the Past

Knott’s Berry Farm’s The Haunted Shack. Looks like fun, huh?


A lovely souvenir shot of the iconic former attraction inside Knott’s Ghost Town. Destroyed in 2000, it was one of the last hold-outs from the roadside-attraction/country-fair era. All good things must come to an end I suppose. It was a pleasant diversion from the bigger attractions and because it was live it was always amusing. KBF always has (and currently still does) beat the local competition when it comes to live entertainment.

Santa Ana Winds

I was wondering why my nose was all itchy and I kept sneezing yesterday. On the bike ride into work I could feel why. The Santa Ana winds feel like they are going to kick up. A quick check of the weather forcast confirmed it. We may get gusts up to 50 miles an hour overnight. Now would be a good time to close those patio umbrellas and secure anything outside. If you have allergies, be ready with that antihistimine. I am glad I have a mask for riding.

I Love Orange County In The Springtime

From Chapman in Orange to San Pedro

From Chapman in Orange to San Pedro

At last, spring has come to Orange County! I allowed those two terrible months of cold weather (I had ice on my car!!!), but now it’s time to get back to the best reason to live in Southern California……warm, sunny, beautiful days like this one. As I drove over the hill to Santiago Canyon College for some school stuff, I could see it was gong to be a beautifully clear day. I just hoped it would stick around long enough for me to take some pics. As you can tell, it did.

As soon as I finished my clinical work, I sprinted up to Orange Hill Restaurant. Not for their lackluster food, but for the view they have of the entire North County area. It’s easy to forget just how close to the ocean we all are here, thanks to traffic, wonky streets and freeways and the flat land. But as you can see, we’re really not too far at all.

I took some more pics, which you can see after the jump —–>

I Love You Man

Oh thank God it was funny… and a little sad. Even more depressing is the fact that I can identify with the lead character. This is someone who’s well meaning, pleasant and really does want to make new friends – even ones he doesn’t gel with. To connect with another person is essential to humanity, this is something our future robot overlords must remember if they want to keep their human slaves pets happy.

There is something so appealing about Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Andy Samberg.  I don’t know what it is exactly but I know I like it! Rudd eases into his awkward everyman shtick, Segel shows his legendary willingness to embarrass himself for our viewing pleasure and Samberg gives one of the most honest understated performances in film that’s chalked full of honest understated performances.

I suppose that’s the beauty of I Love You Man, it’s out-there but not too far out-there.  Take Jason Segel for instance, the wacky friend who makes those around him faintly uncomfortable, he never takes the performance to the zany levels that Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey or Jack Black probably would.  By holding back most of the crazy and reeling in the unrealistic antics he saves what could have been really really really annoying film.

They call it a bromance.  Hmmmmmm.  That’s a word straight people came up with in an effort to define a deep and abiding friendship between two men.  Why call it anything at all?  Why can’t we just accept friendship for what it is?  Rudd’s friendless character is lonely and he finally found someone, albeit someone a little off the beam, to fill that void. It is what it is. The whole experience is an exercise of turning stereotypes on their ear. Of course most of the social psychology might go over some people’s heads – if it does they’ll find joy in the vomit jokes. I found pleasure in both.

The Orange County Perspective: Residents of our fair county will find comfort in the warm SoCal locations and the rich culture of everyone’s favorite fantasyland that never was: Venice Beach.  You’ll also take note, late in the film, of the exploitation of California’s billboard roadside car culture.  Because that’s what OC/LA is all about: driving your car and consuming everything in your path. See a witty billboard with something for sale?  I’ll buy two of those!  The only thing that doesn’t ring true is Rudd’s character being a successfully real estate agent -yeah right!

I Love You Man is currently showing at all major OC theaters: Edwards/Regal, AMC, Century, The Movie Experience and Krikorian

Trailer after the jump…

Mark Your Calendars Because It’s Freeeeeeeeeeee!


Rutabegorz has three locations:

  • 211 North Pomona, Fullerton, CA 92832
  • 158 West Main, Tustin, CA 92780
  • 264 North Glassell, Orange, CA 92866

Mark your calendars because their Carrot Cake is soooooooooooooooo yummy!

Economic Stimulus?

The past couple weeks it has been pretty dead at the local shopping malls. Today it was packed at the Irvine Spectrum Center. What’s up? Is everyone getting their tax refunds? Is there an AIG board meeting locally? Whatever it is, this weekend it does not look like the economy is hurting this weekend in Irvine.

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