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ICME: Wilson!!

ICME: Wilson!!, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

How 2002 of you.

It says it’s actually Tom Hanks’ blood too!

Another Store Closed

As I was walking through the Irvine Spectrum Center today I saw that the employees of Rockport, you know the shoes that are synonymous with the aged, were packing. I didn’t go in and ask, but it seemed pretty obvious that they were closing. I work nearby, so I’m there often and there was never a ‘closing’ or ‘going out of business’ sign. I don’t remember seeing it posted anywhere else either, not that I, or apparently anyone else, care.

It’s CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEAP: Baskin Robbins!!

Today is 31 cent scoop day! Go to any participating Baskin Robbins and get your 31 cent scoop!

Find your nearest store here. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, BR actually has more than 1 OC location!

OC Board of Supervisors- Running Scared and Reinstating Planned Parenthood Contract

As I have written about before, a few months back the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to rescind health education funding to Planned Parenthood, citing their religious objection to abortion as the primary reason.  Planned Parenthood, does, amongst ten thousand other things, peform legal abortions.   This is a small part of their overall mission, but was the issue that the Supes decided they were morally against.

Now, as the Register reports, they have had a surprising change of heart, and have voted to restore the funding to Planned Parenthood.  I have also referred to the legal counsel they were being given by county lawyers, and it seems that legally, the Supes didn’t have a leg to stand on.

So, now let us rejoice that fear of losing a lawsuit reason has prevailed!

Next order of business, vote the suckers out!

The Return to Flash Mountain

According to the Times, Disneyland’s staff reductions will apparently include the photo-editors at Splash Mountain that made sure no Disneyland patrons were “going wild.” 

It seems that the ride had earned the nickname “Flash Mountain” for the exploits of some its classier riders.

But hey, way to go LA Times, for making a very loud and prominent announcement as to the exact date of when the editors would be leaving, and then doing some pseudo hand-wringing over the fact that the flashing activities might return.

Well duh, if nobody knew about it, it probably wouldn’t happen!  But now that you’ve gone and publicized it to death, I’m sure that many well-endowed (and mayhap not-so-well-endowed) guests will be sure to give everyone an eyeful, making sure to Tweet and send the photos around the  internets instantaneously.   Because in this digital age, the kids don’t even bat an eyelash at some boobage flash.

And they thought it was bad in 1997!

Countdown To Virgin America!

In just 1 day, Virgin America will make its inaugural flight into Orange County’s John Wayne Airport.

Orange County has a new high-tech hookup. Join iJustine as she hosts Virgin America’s celebrity air-to-ground stream for the launch of the OC. Video stream with cameo celebrity appearances will be online at 1:15pm on 4/29 at

While I couldn’t convince the wife to let me be on the flight (I wanted to do live MetBlogging!!!), I’ll certainly be watching to see if anything cool happens.

However, I have a small WTF bone to pick with VA. For the Boston launch, they had a huge party on the ground with celebrities and even got Richard Branson to dress in drag! Why do we have nothing here?! Oh well. Guess I’ll do the usual and live vicariously through the interwebs.

PS- If any of you are fans of The Crystal Method like I am, VA will be hosting a live chat sesion with them in the air on May 5 at 12pm. Check their site for more details.

Carona Gets a 66 Month Stay in Club Fed

The wheels of justice have turned for former Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona.

The Times is reporting that he has received a 66 month federal prison sentence for witness tampering, which translates into five and a half years for the mathematically challenged.

Somehow it seems like it would have been more fitting with an extra “6” doesn’t it?

This Little Piggy


[Repost of map from LA Metroblog — thanks Sean]

Sean posted a nice Swine Flu update over at LA Metblogs with a neat (and slightly concerning) map. I can only imagine the Emergency Rooms are filling up with paranoid patients freaking out as I type this. Maybe Dave can confirm my suspicions.

I am certainly not advocating (un)necessary panic but if you are the paranoid type, you may want to avoid going places where… ahem… large groups of international tourists tend to congregate in confined areas. Just sayin’. Then again you currently have a better chance of contracting HPV than swine flu so best to just let cooler heads prevail.

Little Earthquakes (3.7)


A small (but noticeable) earthquake just happened. It was magnitude 3.7 and was the second big-enough-to-feel shaker located in Yorba Linda in the last two months. Hmmmmmm…

Lasers Pointed at Jets=Federal Prison

The Register reports that Dana Christian Welch of Orange could face up to 20 years in federal prison after being found guilty of shining a handheld laser at jets landing at John Wayne Airport.

Seriously, I’d like to know exactly what goes through the mind of someone who decides to deliberately shine lasers into the eyes of airline pilots.

Is it a mental dialogue comparable to that of Beavis and Butthead? “Huh, huh, huh, huh, lasers!”  Or is it simply a complete disregard for the safety of hundreds of people?

Either way, it looks as if Mr. Welch has discovered it totally wasn’t worth it.

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