Counting Down While Waiting in Line [Part 5]

Like death and taxes, waiting line at Disneyland is inevitable. Fortunately for us, the venerable theme park has turned the mathematical inevitably of waiting in line into an art form. It’s because of this thoughtful design that some queues rival the main attraction in areas such as story, interactivity and atmosphere. Let’s take a few moments and bask in the glory of Disney Imagineering as we look at the Best Place to Wait in Line at the Disneyland Resort.

Number 1: Indiana Jones Adventure


Here you can step back in time to the year 1935 and experience an exotic tourist destination in remote India, called The Temple of the Forbidden Eye. A world of riches can be yours but you must not look into the eyes of the Idol Mara. Once you hop in the specially equipped Jeep, it isn’t long before your doomed expedition is sent on a fright filled journey inside the temple with famed archeologist Indiana Jones. Hey, if you see a giant bolder coming at you while you’re in there, be sure to duck!

Why It’s Number One: Let’s face it, anyone who’s been to Disneyland knew this had to be the choice for Number One. This is the line to beat and the Imagineers really set the bar high. Even the outdoor overflow queue is awesome. It’s mostly shaded, heavily decorated, immersively themed and in general it makes you feel like you are wandering through a serpentine in the lost jungle. Once you get up the front steps to the temple you can expect to encounter sacrificial rooms, extinct lava flows, booby traps, hidden sub-chambers and more. Best of all the whole thing is interactive and huge! If a sign advises you not to pull or touch or push or lean – that’s your cue to do just the opposite! Be sure and watch the old news reels playing inside to see what may become of you on your voyage. There’s also a secret hidden code throughout the queue; written on the walls in a long-forgotten language. I can’t tell you what it says but I can say it may or may not be an advertisement for AT&T. If you make it through the line unscathed then be prepared for a ride like no other! Oh and remember… real rewards await those who choose wisely.

Room For Improvement: While this may be the best place in Disneyland the entire world to wait in line, there is still room for improvement. First of all, it’s time to just remove the Fastpass altogether. The current setup yields it almost useless and completely unnecessary. Second, those Imagineers need to come up with some cleverly located real estate for stroller parking and waiting family members. The entrance to this ride often looks like a refugee camp. Finally, as with all the attractions in Adventureland, you almost can’t even find the entrance to this attraction – this may be on purpose but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Many guests have a devilish time simply finding the damned standby entrance, let alone finding their own asses with two hands and a map.

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on August 13th, 2009 @ 9:40 pm

    Yeah, not only is Fastpass not necessary, but it totally screws up the queue! Now you jog through the most interesting part of the ride! And I LOVE that you can drop the ceiling in the spkied room and make the little English man drop all his stuff.

  2. Jon (oc_jon) on August 14th, 2009 @ 2:17 am

    Thanks for all your comments on my posts Dave. It’s nice to know someone reads this schlock I write. :)

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