OC Supervisors Continue to Bang Heads Against Brick Wall

By appealing a recent court decision to reject Supervisor Moorlach’s pet project to renege on a contract with the Orange County Sheriffs.

Their suit has already been rejected twice.  You would think they would get the hint.  But no, they see the possible future savings as worth it.

Granted, it would indeed be a large savings.  But the problem with this whole thing is that once you have negotiated a valid contract, you shouldn’t be able to say, oops, never mind, I don’t like the terms anymore.  Which seems to be what they are doing.

I think the Supervisors are trying to capitalize on the extremely high anti-union sentiments that seem to be everywhere these days.

Why all the resentment? 

They aren’t perfect, but unions are why you get breaks, lunches, and a set-hour workday, amongst many other things. 

I see more anger directed at unions than I do at almost all CEOs, Wall Streeters, and banks combined.

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