San Onofre Nudists Now Need to Cover Up

According to this article, the nudists of San Onofre have suffered a setback in that the State Supreme Court has refused to hear their appeal.

Now, my views on this whole thing are pretty well known on this blog, and I don’t necessarily take pleasure in the fact that it’s now pretty official that nudity is no longer allowed at San Onofre.

But my point all along has never been a condemnation on nudists or nudity, but rather the fact they were doing it on public land, which is not the same as private property, and thus one cannot always do what one wants to do.

So, we will see if they go the route of civil disobedience or if they will simply choose to find a legal and more appropriate place in which to practice their preference.

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  1. Alan (unregistered) on October 23rd, 2009 @ 6:44 pm

    Is America a better place because of the ruling?

    I do not think so. We profess to be a free society yet here we have a ruling restricting a freedom which has been historically allowed. There is a nude tradition at San Onofre going back over 30 years. It is a remote beach on the border of a Marine base. It is very difficult to get to you have to know it is there to find it. I regret that this has happened there is so little freedom in the world today and here we have lost yet another place to enjoy it. The Free Beach Movement of the 1970’s fought hard to get recognition of nude beaches yet the best they could manage was the Cahill Policy which served us well enough until today. By the way if you think nudism is a recent event in US history think again Ben Franklin was a nudist taking regular, “air baths,” and at least one US President was a regular skinny dipper John Adams would routinely swim nude in the Potomac River there is even one account of a female reporter cornering him there and holding him hostage from his clothes until he granted her an interveiw. So I subimt we are less free today as a result. The California Supreme Court has ruled in the past that mere nudity is not against any state law. The ruling was about whether or not they followed procedure or were required to follow it. I hope the nudists do not quit, freedom is not free and it is only the lost causes that are worth fighting for.

  2. frazgo (unregistered) on October 26th, 2009 @ 10:02 am

    Interesting to see the law being enforced after all these years for this one beach.

    Civil disobedience has its consequences and wonder how many are willing to accept them during the process of their protesting? I wouldn’t take the risk of winding up on a sex offenders list for “exposing oneself in public”.

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