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World Of Color Is Finally Coming!

Any of you who have seen Fantasmic at Disneyland know that it is a spectacular site to behold.  A show doesn’t pack in audiences like that, for as long as it has, without being amazing.  And amazing it is.  But coming June 11, 2010 (So much for Spring 2010, eh?) is a new show to Disney’s California Adventure, World Of Color.  And rumor has it, that it may well be better than Fan.  (Go ahead, throw you’re rotten fruit my way, but I stand by that.)

I realize this sounds like I’m advertising for them, but I assure you I am no longer an employee and I am not receiving any kick-backs for this.  Heck, I don’t even have an Annual Pass anymore due to budget constraints!

My main reason is simply that I am and have been SUPER excited for this show.  I have seen video footage of the progress as well as watched it first-hand from the park.  It is a HUGE undertaking that I really think will pay off. If you want more info, check out the Disney Parks Blogs.  There’s more video footage on there as well from previous posts.

Now….who will sign me into cast previews?!?!  Any takers?!?!  Anyone?  Bueller?

Nordie’s Opens in Fashion Island

Fashion Island has always been one of my favorite malls (although that might be changing due the to un-kid friendly things they’ve been doing lately to “rebrand” themselves.  Hellooo, the carousel was/is going bye-bye? Cut me some slack, I don’t get out a whole lot with a five month old).  I adore outdoor malls, and have always wondered why there aren’t more in the beneficially climatized Southern California.  It seems that most of the only outdoor malls are outlet ones.  Perhaps they think that only poor people like being outside.

The addition of a very large Nordstrom over by the Cheesecake Factory is bound to make it even more popular, and the grand opening is today.

It’s a lovely day and I very much would like to go, but we’ve got the whole napping thing going on, which really puts a cramp in my style, ya know?

RIP … Mitchell

I’m very sad to report that one of the baby hummingbirds, Mitchell, met an untimely demise on Saturday, April 3, thanks to a dastardly crow. Sorry for the delayed report, but I thought I was coming to an untimely demise as well, in the form of the flu.

So here’s what happened: my husband had been noticing a crow in our backyard, which is kinda uncommon. Then a short while later he noticed it on the ficus tree, with the hummingbird nest. My husband chased the crow away then went to the grocery store to get me more lozenges, syrups, etc. When he came back … “Where’s the nest!?!” We can only assume the crow came back and took the entire nest with poor little Mitchell still in it. Cam either fluttered out or fell out. We found him lying directly under where the nest used to be. He was alive atop the pile of towels positioned underneath; A Tip of the Hat to Jeannie for the towel tip!

A wide shot of the tree, which is pretty protected (next to a house and under a pergola) and all of the blankets underneath.

My husband immediately Googled what to do while I cried. I know it’s part of nature and all, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. So he made a makeshift nest from coffee filters and a hanging glass candle holder. Not ideal, but better than nothing, and put Cam in. The Internet assured us that the mother would indeed find the new nest and continue to feed the remaining baby(ies). You know what, it actually worked.

The makeshift nest. A coffee filter inside a glass candleholder. The fishing line is for stability.

So over the next few days everything was fine, Gloria coming and going feeding little Cam and Cam perched on the edge of the nest poised to fly. One day my husband found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. Yesterday, before I went to work, I found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. When I came home he was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, even in the blankets. I saw Gloria looking frantically for him. Nothing. I shed a few more tears. My husband comes home and informs me I was wrong, hallelujah – and for once happy to be – Cam was indeed inside the folds of the blanket. He saw Gloria feeding Cam through an opening.

It was after this last fall we decided (rightly or wrongly) to just leave Cam on the ground in the blanket nest. Thankfully he seems to be doing well and Gloria is continuing to feed him. He’s probably safer

Cam opening wide for breakfast. Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

Breakfast is served! Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

All together now ... awww!

Angels Start 2010 Season With A Lit Halo

It’s no secret I’m Dodger Blue through and through. (I grew up just minutes from the stadium and used to have season tickets)  But as long as they’re not playing the Dodgers, I always enjoy a good Angels game.  Tonight was a very good Angels game!  It was the home opener for the 2010 season and boy did they put on a good show.  3 homers, with 2 of those being back-to-back!

Hopefully the rest of their season is as good as this.  Maybe I’ll even forgive them for making me sad in the pre-season freeway series……..Yeah, I think not.

Obligatory Eathquake in Orange County! Post

Oh hai.

It’s been a bit quiet here on the old OC Metblogs hasn’t it?  And wouldn’t you know, it would literally take an earthquake to get me to post.

We were in Huntington Beach, in the middle of an egg hunt in my sister’s back yard.  I was sitting with my five-month old on a bench when I felt sort of dizzy.  I thought for sure I was about to faint for some unknown reason, and was searching for the nearest adult to hand her off to before I hit the pavement.

Then the rolling sensation got a little more pronounced, and I swear I could see the earth moving, watching as I went lower than the house, and then back again.  It was pretty freaky, actually, and this is coming from a So Cal native with dozens and dozens of earthquakes under her belt.  I screeched calmly stated that there was an earthquake, as no one else had seemed to notice. Then all the adults froze in place, while the oblivious kids kept running around trying to find their eggs. Which was a good thing, actually.

It took quite a long time for the rolling sensation to stop, at least a minute, if not more.  We could hear the neighbor’s pool sloshing and overflowing.

I’m not sure if we felt it a little bit more in HB because the water table is so high there, or what. 

How about you? Did you feel it?

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