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OC Foodie Fest

This Saturday August 18, The Honda Center (The Pond) will be hosting the first ever OC Foodie Fest.  There will be 50 (yes!  50!!!) food trucks from all over in attendance!!  Tickets are cheap and selling out fast.  All the trucks will be featuring cheaper-than-normal tasting menus.  If you want to avoid the crowds a bit and get some perks, VIP passes can be purchased for $50.  If this will be anything like the LA Food Fest I attempted to attend last year, it will be bedlam.  They are capping ticket sales at 8,000.  BUT… should be tasty.

On a sad/wtf note:  Kogi BBQ and Grilled Cheese Truck will not be in attendance.  Oh well.

The New Faces of Orange County

Orange County, for some reason, gets a lot of flack for being “homogenous.”

As in, lots of white people.

Well, I visited my son’s second grade classroom today and I saw faces that reflected Asian, Middle-Eastern, African, Latino, and European ancestry.

Are there “white” kids?

Of course, but the kids that I saw were in no way homoegenous, and I think that is pretty true of Orange County as a whole.  I don’t want my children growing up in a world where everyone looks exactly like them, and for all that the producers of Real Housewives of OC would like you to think, the population is far from being all fair-haired and light-skinned.

The pockets of paranoid white folks are certainly there, but I’m predicting they will be going the way of the dodo sooner rather than later.

Bait and Switch

Oh hai.

I can barely see you through all these cobwebs we’ve got around here.  Hold on a sec…

Ahh, much better.

So, there’s been lots going on and not a whole lot of it being discussed here at good old OC Metblogs. 

I don’t know if it’s because of all the “OMG we’re about to die” talk of the past few months that has gotten everyone a little spooked or what, but hey, I’m willing to go down with the ship, as it were.

And what better way to kick off the first post in a long time than to talk about that old classic, the weather?

It’s been so unseasonably cool lately that I’m kind of scared.


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