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“String on a door” Indeed. Could Santa Ana PD use a little sensitivity training?

Sweet jeebus just when I think that the lowest thing could happen in the battle for equal rights and protection under the law something new happens. The reaction and advisement of the responding officer to seeing the noose attached to the door of the Equality California (EQCA) office was callous at best. “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim” and then convinced the staff no hate crime was committed.

Mel Distel of the EQCA office put her own recap of the incident on Facebook Here. Clearly in the wake of the suicides of troubled gay youths in recent weeks this isn’t exactly “no hate crime committed”. In fact can someone explain to me how this is any different than if it were attached to a black man’s home? Or a nice local Temple? The actions of the police officers would have been quite different, of that I am certain.  Riding with my own local PD I know they would have treated for what it was, a hate crime.

Clearly this was meant as a way to intimidate the staff at EQCA.  So I ask you OC, did the officer act appropriately?  What should have been done differently under these circumstances?

Mickey’s Halloween Par-tay

You know, one of the few perks of being a blogger is the fact that sometimes, you get some fantastic swag, and even though many people wouldn’t necessarily consider tickets to Disneyland swag, I do. I’d take an experience at Disneyland over cereal or detergent samples any day, even if I got free cereal or detergent every month.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Mickey’s Halloween Party, this year happening at Disneyland proper rather than California Adventure, where it has been held for the past few years.

Being the traditionalist that I am, I was very happy to be at Disneyland. One of my very favorite rides at this time of year is of course the Haunted Mansion, all done up Jack Skellington style. Seriously, I could go on that ride ten times in a row and not get tired of it, or probably see everything.

I’m sure you’re thinking, but is there candy? Why yes, Virginia, there is candy! Good candy, too. Throughout the park they have trick or treating “trails” where you are able to pick up mucho sugar at stations placed about fifty or so feet apart. I have to say I preferred this to stations scattered around the park, because then you had a lot more flexibility in manuvering around. And I’m all about the manuvering, you know.

Then it was on to view the fireworks show, which has Jack Skellington, Zero, and Disney villains. It’s one of the best I’ve seen from Disney, and I’ve seen an ungodly amount of firework shows there. Although note to lady holding your (admittedly cool) balloon- don’t be surprised when someone asks you to lower it during the show, as we are all looking up to see the fireworks, not your (admittedly cool) balloon. And don’t act all put out about it, either. Sheesh.

I don’t know what it is about Disneyland and the holidays. My inner Martha Stewart, which is usually quite repressed, takes such joy in the decorations. She certainly doesn’t have anything to be impressed about at home, so she has to get her fix in at Disney.

A big hit with the men the particular night we were there were these very cool skull necklaces. When you are in the dark, it looks like a huge disembodied, talking skull is coming at you. They are only fifteen bucks, use regular batteries, and can also be used as a window decoration. Win! And of course, I bought one.

My family had a wonderful time at Mickey’s Halloween Party. You will too. I promise.

And if you happen to be a person who does not like Disney, then stay home, drink your haterade, and leave the fun to the rest of us.

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