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Hope Your Turkey Day Was Awesome, OC

And damn, is it cold.

I for one, although I do love me our OC shopping malls, tend to avoid shopping on Black Friday.

I have never, ever slept outside in a tent or lined up at 4AM to be among the first to get into a store.

It just isn’t that important to me. 

I think this year everyone (except the kids)  is going to get my homemade scones.  Everyone I know has pretty much everything they need, so why wrack my brain to buy them something they never knew they wanted?

I think the only time I’m going to hit a mall between now and Christmas is when I take the baby to see Santa.  Which is either going to be a lot of fun, or end up with someone in tears.  Knowing my daughter, that will most likely be Santa.

FREE Outdoor Movies In The Park In Dana Point

Hey kids!  I wanted to share something special with you!  Dana Point has something they do called Movies In The Park. It is exactly what it sounds like.  You go out to Lantern Bay Park (which has an amazing view of the harbor by the way), hang out until the sun goes down and watch a movie!  And it’s FREE!!!  It is brought to you by the same folks who tried bringing Drive-In movies back to the OC Fairgrounds.  (I’m still mad it never took off.)

I first did this 2 weeks ago.  We watched Monsters Vs. Aliens.  As you can guess by the movie, this is a very family-friendly atmosphere.   Tonight they will be showing The Wizard of Oz.  I’ll be there!  Will you?  Look for me and say hi!

Be sure to bring a nice big blanket and some picnic items!  They have a snack bar where everything is $1 with all the proceeds going to charity.  Also, if you get there early enough there are 2 fire pits.  And please, if you are going to bring lawn chairs, please make sure they are not tall as a courtesy to the people around (behind) you.

I have also seen something for outdoor movies in Newport Beach on Saturday nights, but I don’t have much information on that.  But feel free to check it out and if it’s awesome, let us know!

Get Out & About This Weekend!

In honor of the Vernal Equinox “springing” tomorrow at 10:32 a.m. PDT and the predicted gorgeous SoCal weather go outside and enjoy it. I know you may be temped to stay inside and watch college basketball, but let’s be honest many of you probably already had a bracket buster yesterday … thanks for nothing Notre Dame and Georgetown. Although I’ll give you a pass if your team is playing ;).

In case you need some ideas … follow me after the jump


Dana Point: Festival of Whales

Image courtesy

Are you looking for an inexpensive family-friendly event to attend this weekend or next? If so, Dana Point’s 39th Annual Festival of Whales may be just what you are looking for.

The Festival kicks off tomorrow, Saturday, March 6th at 10:00 a.m. with a parade along Pacific Coast Highway. According to the website all events are weather permitting, so you may want to call (1.888.440.4309 or 949.472.7888) before venturing out.

For more information check out the the official event program. Some of the events include: guided family tide pool hikes, street faire, free fishing clinic and trip for kids, cars, art, movie in the park and much more.

This years promotional poster was designed by John Van Hamersveld. You may not recognize the name, but you definitely know who he is. He designed one of the most iconic surfing images ever, The Endless Summer film promotional poster.

Tanaka Farms


A few weekends ago we visited Tanaka Farms in Irvine. We’ve been trying to support our local business with the added bonus of actually knowing where our food is coming from.


On one side you will see a produce “stand” stocked with fresh produce as well as honey, baked goods and jarred deliciousness.

On the otherside are the wagon rides thru the farm with family friendly information on how the fruits and vegetables grow.  You’ll get to pick your own and eat there.

See what else Tanaka farms has to offer after the break…


FREE Disneyland 2fer Tickets!!!!

Are you on Twitter yet??  If not, now might be a good time to make an account, and if you are, you need to follow @Disneyland.  Not only do they let you know about deals around the resort and provide fun facts now and again, but at 12pm today they will be having their “first ticket giveaway” on Twitter!  I take “first ticket giveaway” to mean there will be others too.  So hurry up and add them and check in around noon for your chance to win.  I know I will cause my Annual Pass expires this month!

So hurry, cause it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Proof Tuesday w/ DJ Vytal! It’s Free!!!


Hi gang, here’s a little promotion for a friend of mine.  This Tuesday, my friend George, a.k.a. DJ Vytal, will be spinning Top 40, Hip Hop and House music at Proof Bar in the Santa Ana Arts District.  I have been the last 2 nights and it is a LOT of fun!  And the best part, there’s NO COVER! (In Orange County, this is a big deal).

DJ Vytal doing his thing.

DJ Vytal doing his thing.

So if you have no plans Tuesday night (and you don’t have to be up early Wednesday) come down and hang out with me and my friend George!  And don’t worry about coming to an empty, awkward bar.  This place gets full and is TONS of fun.


Old Towne Orange Tree Lighting And Candlelight Procession

Tree lighting kicks off holiday season - slideshowThat’s right kids.  It’s that time of year again.  Time to put on your winter outfit (which this year may just consist of a long sleeve t-shirt) and venture out to the Orange Circle for the annual Tree Lighting and Candlelight Procession.  It takes place this Sunday December 6th.  It starts at 3:30pm and goes until about 7pm.  There are booths with hot chocolate, sweets and goodies set up for you to peruse and enjoy, but it really gets good just after dark (5:30-6ish??).  That’s when the singing starts and the story of Christmas is told.  If you have kids, this is great for them, but my wife and I love it even though we don’t have kids.

It’s because of occasions like this that I really love Old Towne Orange.  When I attend these events, I forget that I’m deep in the middle of a big Southern California city.  I feel like I’ve been transported to a small town in middle America.

OC Roller Girls

OC Roller Girls

I was reading the (online) LA Times, and noticed a little blurb about the Derby Dolls of Los Angeles, and got to wondering if Orange County had its own league, or if we were too wussy to have one.

Turns out we are not wussy at all, and we do indeed have our very own OC Roller Girls, with team names like Huntington Heartbreakers, Back Bay Bombshells, and Wheel Housewives of Orange County.  I have apparently been extremely remiss in not knowing about their existence prior to this day.   They are all over, including Facebook, Twitter, and their very own blog.  They even have a calendar, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

They play at The Rinks on McFadden in Huntington Beach, and their first game this season is January 9, 2010.

Damn.  If I didn’t have a newborn, I might have thought about joining!

Photo Credit: OC Roller Girls

Breaking News!! See The Space Station And Space Shuttle Tonight!

This is amazing you guys.  Tonight at 6:49, if you look to the south western sky, you will see the International Space Station pass very brightly overhead in our night sky, followed closely by the Space Shuttle!!  I just watched this happen in the eastern sky about 10 minutes ago.  WOW!  I tried to snap a picture, but it didn’t turn out too well as I had about 30 seconds notice to get ready.

So go outside with your family at 6:49 and experience something amazing together!!

PS- No telescope necessary.  You can see them with your naked eye!

*UPDATE*- Picstures from the second pass!  This time they were going away from each other.

The streak on the right above the houses is the Space Station.  The streak on the left above the house is the Shuttle.

The streak on the right above the houses is the Space Station. The streak on the left above the house is the Shuttle.

This was amazing. The flash in the middle of the picture was about 4 seconds of the Shuttle before it disappeared. There must have been a flash from the sun or something that made this cool effect. The yellow streak on the left is just my car antenna.

This was amazing. The flash in the middle of the picture was about 4 seconds of the Shuttle before it disappeared. There must have been a flash from the sun or something that made this cool effect. The yellow streak on the left is just my car antenna.

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