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Mickey’s Halloween Par-tay

You know, one of the few perks of being a blogger is the fact that sometimes, you get some fantastic swag, and even though many people wouldn’t necessarily consider tickets to Disneyland swag, I do. I’d take an experience at Disneyland over cereal or detergent samples any day, even if I got free cereal or detergent every month.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Mickey’s Halloween Party, this year happening at Disneyland proper rather than California Adventure, where it has been held for the past few years.

Being the traditionalist that I am, I was very happy to be at Disneyland. One of my very favorite rides at this time of year is of course the Haunted Mansion, all done up Jack Skellington style. Seriously, I could go on that ride ten times in a row and not get tired of it, or probably see everything.

I’m sure you’re thinking, but is there candy? Why yes, Virginia, there is candy! Good candy, too. Throughout the park they have trick or treating “trails” where you are able to pick up mucho sugar at stations placed about fifty or so feet apart. I have to say I preferred this to stations scattered around the park, because then you had a lot more flexibility in manuvering around. And I’m all about the manuvering, you know.

Then it was on to view the fireworks show, which has Jack Skellington, Zero, and Disney villains. It’s one of the best I’ve seen from Disney, and I’ve seen an ungodly amount of firework shows there. Although note to lady holding your (admittedly cool) balloon- don’t be surprised when someone asks you to lower it during the show, as we are all looking up to see the fireworks, not your (admittedly cool) balloon. And don’t act all put out about it, either. Sheesh.

I don’t know what it is about Disneyland and the holidays. My inner Martha Stewart, which is usually quite repressed, takes such joy in the decorations. She certainly doesn’t have anything to be impressed about at home, so she has to get her fix in at Disney.

A big hit with the men the particular night we were there were these very cool skull necklaces. When you are in the dark, it looks like a huge disembodied, talking skull is coming at you. They are only fifteen bucks, use regular batteries, and can also be used as a window decoration. Win! And of course, I bought one.

My family had a wonderful time at Mickey’s Halloween Party. You will too. I promise.

And if you happen to be a person who does not like Disney, then stay home, drink your haterade, and leave the fun to the rest of us.

OC Foodie Fest

This Saturday August 18, The Honda Center (The Pond) will be hosting the first ever OC Foodie Fest.  There will be 50 (yes!  50!!!) food trucks from all over in attendance!!  Tickets are cheap and selling out fast.  All the trucks will be featuring cheaper-than-normal tasting menus.  If you want to avoid the crowds a bit and get some perks, VIP passes can be purchased for $50.  If this will be anything like the LA Food Fest I attempted to attend last year, it will be bedlam.  They are capping ticket sales at 8,000.  BUT… should be tasty.

On a sad/wtf note:  Kogi BBQ and Grilled Cheese Truck will not be in attendance.  Oh well.

Orange County Fair Begins Today

And if you’re not there in two minutes, you won’t get in for free.  This year they started later in the summer, and the fair will run  until August 15.  Go here for more info.

Frankly, it is so damn hot that you would have to pay me to go there. I prefer my fair to be relatively sweat-free.

But have you heard the radio commercials for the fair? I am totally embarrassed. When you have to rhyme “live rock” with “live stock” you’ve got big, big problems.

Bono Hates Me

U2 is one of my all-time favorite bands.

My BIL, you should know, is six feet, three inches tall.

The last time I saw U2, it was the nineties. The Popmart tour, I believe. I’d seen the ZooTV tour as well, but little did I know it would be almost fifteen years until I would see them again.

I don’t remember why I couldn’t see them in 2001, and in 2006 we had scheduled a trip to San Francisco on the exact same weekend they were here. U2 was also here last October, but that was a mere seven days before I was due to give birth, so we didn’t think it was really wise to buy tickets.

We found out they would be at  Angel Stadium in June, and we were lucky enough to get tickets right after they went on sale on TicketMaster.  We were so happy to get them that we only grumbled slightly at the fifty dollar service fees they charged.  Whatever! I was going t see U2 again live and my world was good.  And even better, fifteen minutes away!  We rarely go to concerts anymore because going to LA is such a pain in the ass, and being as we have two young kids, we no longer have all the time in the world to sit in traffic.

So of course I find out today that due to Bono’s back surgery (sorry, Bono!)they have canceled the American leg of their tour.

Because apparently, the universe just does not want me to see U2.

My sister tried to console me. She said that she would set up her big, fifteen by fifteen foot outdoor screen in the back yard. She would rent a U2 concert DVD and play it for me. She would also charge me obscene amounts of money for food and drinks, and would hang an “Out of Order” sign on the bathroom door. For that real concert-type feel.

I expressed gratitude at her concern, and told her there was only one way she could make it the most authentic experience possible.

My BIL would have to stand in front of me the entire time.

Help Your Local Future Nurses!! Eet Mor Chik’n

Hey interwebbers!  I have a big favor to ask of you.  Can you please eat dinner at Chik-Fil-A this Thursday night May 20th??  I am in the Santa Ana College Nursing program (if you didn’t know already) and we are having a fundraiser.

We will be at the Chik-Fil-A in Santa Ana:

3601 S. Bristol St.  Santa Ana, 92704

Between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.

Please come out!  We will receive 20% of ALL purchases!  No flyer necessary!

Please help.  Due to state budget constraints, the school has little money to give our department, and with no money, comes no spots for RN students, and with no space for RN students, there will be no RNs.

Dana Point Gray Whale

Just got back from “Baby Beach” where the wayward gray whale has taken refuge. Contrary to previous reports it is a juvenile, not 60+ years old. It has/had rope tangled on it’s fluke. I’ve got to go to work (I’m cutting it close. I got caught up in all the drama), but will post photos later this evening.

World Of Color Is Finally Coming!

Any of you who have seen Fantasmic at Disneyland know that it is a spectacular site to behold.  A show doesn’t pack in audiences like that, for as long as it has, without being amazing.  And amazing it is.  But coming June 11, 2010 (So much for Spring 2010, eh?) is a new show to Disney’s California Adventure, World Of Color.  And rumor has it, that it may well be better than Fan.  (Go ahead, throw you’re rotten fruit my way, but I stand by that.)

I realize this sounds like I’m advertising for them, but I assure you I am no longer an employee and I am not receiving any kick-backs for this.  Heck, I don’t even have an Annual Pass anymore due to budget constraints!

My main reason is simply that I am and have been SUPER excited for this show.  I have seen video footage of the progress as well as watched it first-hand from the park.  It is a HUGE undertaking that I really think will pay off. If you want more info, check out the Disney Parks Blogs.  There’s more video footage on there as well from previous posts.

Now….who will sign me into cast previews?!?!  Any takers?!?!  Anyone?  Bueller?

Nordie’s Opens in Fashion Island

Fashion Island has always been one of my favorite malls (although that might be changing due the to un-kid friendly things they’ve been doing lately to “rebrand” themselves.  Hellooo, the carousel was/is going bye-bye? Cut me some slack, I don’t get out a whole lot with a five month old).  I adore outdoor malls, and have always wondered why there aren’t more in the beneficially climatized Southern California.  It seems that most of the only outdoor malls are outlet ones.  Perhaps they think that only poor people like being outside.

The addition of a very large Nordstrom over by the Cheesecake Factory is bound to make it even more popular, and the grand opening is today.

It’s a lovely day and I very much would like to go, but we’ve got the whole napping thing going on, which really puts a cramp in my style, ya know?

Angels Start 2010 Season With A Lit Halo

It’s no secret I’m Dodger Blue through and through. (I grew up just minutes from the stadium and used to have season tickets)  But as long as they’re not playing the Dodgers, I always enjoy a good Angels game.  Tonight was a very good Angels game!  It was the home opener for the 2010 season and boy did they put on a good show.  3 homers, with 2 of those being back-to-back!

Hopefully the rest of their season is as good as this.  Maybe I’ll even forgive them for making me sad in the pre-season freeway series……..Yeah, I think not.

Get Out & About This Weekend!

In honor of the Vernal Equinox “springing” tomorrow at 10:32 a.m. PDT and the predicted gorgeous SoCal weather go outside and enjoy it. I know you may be temped to stay inside and watch college basketball, but let’s be honest many of you probably already had a bracket buster yesterday … thanks for nothing Notre Dame and Georgetown. Although I’ll give you a pass if your team is playing ;).

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