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Hippity, Hoppity

Easter’s on its way…

I’ll be spending it primarily in Huntington Beach, where we will all probably freeze our asses off.

Last night we took our eight year old son to a flashlight egg hunt in Yorba Linda.

I iz old, because we certainly did not have these back in my days as a young ‘un.

My husband thinks it is a bit pathetic for 12 year olds to be still hunting for eggs (the age limit for the event went up to 14) but they actually had iPods as prizes.

As my dad said, HE would go egg hunting if it meant he might win an iPod.

So, Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy spring day to those who don’t!

Tesla Motors Open in Newport Beach: Amazing “Shock” of a Ride

This post comes courtesy of former OC Metblogger Mike at Mike’s Daily Lockup.  Enjoy!

Electric cars have come a long way, but one company still leads the pack when it comes to pure electric vehicles. That company is Tesla Motors.

Today, I had the opportunity to visit one of Tesla’s newest stores inNewport Beach. In a place like Orange County, where we don’t have to worry about 12 inches of snow, most of our worries are over traffic and where we left our sunglasses. Newport Beach is a great location for Tesla to have a store, right on the water, not far from Fashion Island, and close to the innovative companies headquartered nearby in Irvine. Tesla doesn’t call them dealerships, but uses the term stores, as they are more then just a place to purchase a car. They welcome the public to come and visit and to learn more about electric vehicles. Walking in to the store, you’re greeted by a clean and crisp showroom with the Tesla Roadster 2.5 and the Roadster Sport 2.5 presented in the middle. The maintenance bays are surrounded by glass and are visible from all angles (missing the noticeable stains of grease and oil that one would find in a high school auto shop). If you treat your roadster right the only time it will ever see these bays is for the once yearly check and every ten to replace the battery pack. In addition to the services at the dealer, for those of us who live busy lives, Tesla will come to you for servicing of your roadster and will work with your electric company to install a high-power wall charger (similar to a high power outlet for a dryer) for you to “top-off” your roadster with electricity.

Since one of my favorite shows is Top Gear, let’s talk numbers. The Tesla Roadster 2.5 and the Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 both only have 12 moving parts. That’s right 12, that last line was not a typo (you can even fact check it here). I can say from a test drive that 12 moving parts was more then enough to fling my athletically-average American male body down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), slingshot it through Laguna Canyon, and then back up PCH, but more on that later. Both of the Roadsters are a marvel of modern engineering, but the third generation on display today is even better.

Right, so you want numbers, the motor kicks out the gasoline equivalent of 248 horsepower and 276 foot-pounds of torque, which powers the rear wheels via a single-speed direct-drive transmission. The Roadster Sport has 288 horsepower and 295 foot-pounds of torque. All of this equals a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds in the Roadster and 3.7 seconds in the Roadster Sport. Trust me, it was more then enough to beat a gas-powered Lotus off the light near Fashion Island, but more on the test drive in a bit.


“String on a door” Indeed. Could Santa Ana PD use a little sensitivity training?

Sweet jeebus just when I think that the lowest thing could happen in the battle for equal rights and protection under the law something new happens. The reaction and advisement of the responding officer to seeing the noose attached to the door of the Equality California (EQCA) office was callous at best. “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim” and then convinced the staff no hate crime was committed.

Mel Distel of the EQCA office put her own recap of the incident on Facebook Here. Clearly in the wake of the suicides of troubled gay youths in recent weeks this isn’t exactly “no hate crime committed”. In fact can someone explain to me how this is any different than if it were attached to a black man’s home? Or a nice local Temple? The actions of the police officers would have been quite different, of that I am certain.  Riding with my own local PD I know they would have treated for what it was, a hate crime.

Clearly this was meant as a way to intimidate the staff at EQCA.  So I ask you OC, did the officer act appropriately?  What should have been done differently under these circumstances?

Beach Traffic

Did anyone else brave the crowds and head to the beach for the Labor Day weekend? We did, but thankfully we were not stuck in the car. We rode our bicycles, but even that was not without issue … the husband broke his chain on the way home. The weather, at the coast, was actually warm and sunny for a change. For those of you that stayed home this is what you avoided.

Labor Day weekend crowds at Doheny State Beach on Saturday

Wanna Yacht or a Boat?

It sure looks like the economic meltdown, that put so many homeowners into foreclosure, has also hit the mariners of Orange County pretty hard. If you’re in the market for a used yacht or  boat – you can learn the difference here – one only has to walk around Dana Point Harbor. There are tons of sea-going vessels with for sale signs attached to the bow, stern, port or starboard of the boat/yacht.

Several of the many boats for sale

As you can see this boat is for sale ...

... it's even staged

The New Faces of Orange County

Orange County, for some reason, gets a lot of flack for being “homogenous.”

As in, lots of white people.

Well, I visited my son’s second grade classroom today and I saw faces that reflected Asian, Middle-Eastern, African, Latino, and European ancestry.

Are there “white” kids?

Of course, but the kids that I saw were in no way homoegenous, and I think that is pretty true of Orange County as a whole.  I don’t want my children growing up in a world where everyone looks exactly like them, and for all that the producers of Real Housewives of OC would like you to think, the population is far from being all fair-haired and light-skinned.

The pockets of paranoid white folks are certainly there, but I’m predicting they will be going the way of the dodo sooner rather than later.

“Rule Of Law” Cities

It seems that both Costa Mesa and Yorba Linda have passed resolutions that, at the very least, affirm the immigration law recently passed in Arizona.

Where do you stand?


Breaking: Sad News re Lilly the Gray Whale

I just saw via the ABC7 helicopter that Lilly has beached herself, at Doheny,near the harbor. Unfortunately, she is dead. I’m so sad. I was so excited when she was freed from all of that netting.

RIP … Mitchell

I’m very sad to report that one of the baby hummingbirds, Mitchell, met an untimely demise on Saturday, April 3, thanks to a dastardly crow. Sorry for the delayed report, but I thought I was coming to an untimely demise as well, in the form of the flu.

So here’s what happened: my husband had been noticing a crow in our backyard, which is kinda uncommon. Then a short while later he noticed it on the ficus tree, with the hummingbird nest. My husband chased the crow away then went to the grocery store to get me more lozenges, syrups, etc. When he came back … “Where’s the nest!?!” We can only assume the crow came back and took the entire nest with poor little Mitchell still in it. Cam either fluttered out or fell out. We found him lying directly under where the nest used to be. He was alive atop the pile of towels positioned underneath; A Tip of the Hat to Jeannie for the towel tip!

A wide shot of the tree, which is pretty protected (next to a house and under a pergola) and all of the blankets underneath.

My husband immediately Googled what to do while I cried. I know it’s part of nature and all, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. So he made a makeshift nest from coffee filters and a hanging glass candle holder. Not ideal, but better than nothing, and put Cam in. The Internet assured us that the mother would indeed find the new nest and continue to feed the remaining baby(ies). You know what, it actually worked.

The makeshift nest. A coffee filter inside a glass candleholder. The fishing line is for stability.

So over the next few days everything was fine, Gloria coming and going feeding little Cam and Cam perched on the edge of the nest poised to fly. One day my husband found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. Yesterday, before I went to work, I found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. When I came home he was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, even in the blankets. I saw Gloria looking frantically for him. Nothing. I shed a few more tears. My husband comes home and informs me I was wrong, hallelujah – and for once happy to be – Cam was indeed inside the folds of the blanket. He saw Gloria feeding Cam through an opening.

It was after this last fall we decided (rightly or wrongly) to just leave Cam on the ground in the blanket nest. Thankfully he seems to be doing well and Gloria is continuing to feed him. He’s probably safer

Cam opening wide for breakfast. Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

Breakfast is served! Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

All together now ... awww!

Get Out & About This Weekend!

In honor of the Vernal Equinox “springing” tomorrow at 10:32 a.m. PDT and the predicted gorgeous SoCal weather go outside and enjoy it. I know you may be temped to stay inside and watch college basketball, but let’s be honest many of you probably already had a bracket buster yesterday … thanks for nothing Notre Dame and Georgetown. Although I’ll give you a pass if your team is playing ;).

In case you need some ideas … follow me after the jump


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