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Look how new and spiffy we look! Welcome to the new OC Metblog. Metroblogging rolled out the new design site-wide this weekend – you can find a list of all the cities we’ve got sites in here.

Let us know what you think, what works, and what doesn’t (in terms of design and in terms of usability).

Open Registration for new OC Metrobloggers!

You always read us for the local vibe, the politics, the intrigue, the people, and the craziness that is living in the OC. Now here is your chance to deliver you views on what it’s like to live in Orange County.

Sean and the Metroblogging team have announced Open Registration for new bloggers to join the metroblogging network. Go here to join.

So here is your chance to bring a different political perspective (Matt your always welcomed), bring back the old days of the Weekly (Commie Girl), or possibly get a South County perspective on the OC (we seem to be mostly in the North). At a minimum we would like authors who can commit to blogging three times a week, words and/or pictures, about life in Orange County.

So sign up today and become part of the largest metroblogging network on the web.

Update: It seems that I misread an e-mail, there are no open signups for the OC Metroblog at the moment, but if you would like to join our crew, e-mail me and I will forward your information on to the Metroblogging gods. The more bloggers the better…

Welcome Pittsburgh!

The first new Metroblogging city of 2007 is now live – take a visit to Pittsburgh!

Greetings Orange County!

Hello to my fellow authors and readers and commenters and so-forth and so-on. I suppose I should introduce myself shouldn’t I? My name’s Jon and I am ever so pleased to join the roster of authors for Orange County Metroblogging. Hooray! I’d just like to take this opportunity to wave my arms around wildly and draw lots of attention to myself. Hey look at me! Look at me!

Great, now that I got that out of my system I can tell you briefly about all about yours truly. Long story short: I (heart) OC! I am a transplant to this great county. You see, I spent my formative years in the Great Northwest fending off loggers and fisherman wishing I could live in sunny southern California — whiling away my days at the mall or the beach. That dream became fully realized when my wife and I moved to Anaheim, three years ago. We both live and work here and have a strong affection for our new homeland. As we struggled to get acquainted with our new and exciting surroundings I stumbled across Orange County Metroblogging and we both became entranced. Okay maybe not “entranced”, but we did enjoying reading the blog and even occasionally posted comments. Now, as fate would have it, I get to blog about the place I have grown to love! Sweet.

So, keep your eyeballs peeled for more posts from me soon. I’m sure I will catch you before it’s over, but in case I don’t, please have a safe and happy Hanukkah!

The pleasure’s been all mine,


Go forth and post

To our loyal readers, go forth and spread the news, there is an alternative to the local media:

Get our new self-printable flyers here.

Post them at school, post them at work, post them on the community board of your local coffee shop, fax it to a friend, make great paper airplanes out of it, do what you can to spread the word.

We got Shirts!

I just got an e-mail from Sean that you can now get your very own Metroblogging shirt. We don’t have them for each individual city yet (Just a hint, Sean), but you can wear your support for the metroblogging network by buying your shirt here.

It makes a great Holiday gift for the blogger in your life.

Hi! My Name Is…

I was all ready to post something, and I thought, hey, it might be a bit rude if I don’t introduce myself before invading your screen. It is a bit disconcerting to find a stranger suddenly popping up on your feeds.

So, hello!

My name is Gina and I live in North Orange County. I am wife to my wonderful husband of almost five years and mother to my son, who will be four next month. I try hard not to fit the “mommyblogger” stereotype, which consists of posts detailing carpools and what products I used to clean the bathrooms. I am excited to be here on Metroblogging, and part of the great Orange County team. I am a blogger on a mission to inform as well as entertain. Let’s hope for all of our sakes that I at least come close. All right, to be honest, I’ll take either one.


Howdy Sacramento

The Orange County Metroblog would like to welcome the newest Metroblog: Sacramento.


This makes for the fourth Metroblog in California, we have more metroblogs then some countries, and the 49th Metroblog in the Metroblog network.

Welcome Rio!

Check out Metblogging’s first South American city, Rio de Janeiro! The posts are in Portuguese, but I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out.

New Features!


Hey Metblog readers! There are some neat new things going on here that I thought you might want to know about. First, there are Orange County Events listed over off to the right there. If you, like me, think there is never anything going on in Orange County, you can just look over there and find out cool things to do. That will hopefully be useful to all of you as well as me.

The other, even more awesome thing, is that you, the reader, can now suggest a story for the site. Right under the search box on the right there is a link that says, “Suggest A Story,” where you can do just that. There is a simple form you can fill out, and then it will be sent to all of our authors for one of them to write about. This will get the news and events you know about onto the blog for everybody else to read. It sounds like a good deal to me, so I hope everybody takes advantage of it.

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