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Visit Tokyo today!

Metroblogging Tokyo, that is!

Former California resident and Tokyo metroblogger Mike Smith is looking for comments on what topics people are interested in reading about at their site. If you have a minute, you might want to head over to their site and post a comment.

While you’re at it, what do you like to read here? We’re always looking for feedback from our readers.


Happy New Year from all of us at Metroblogging Orange County!

New Metroblogging Message Boards

Not long ago the old message boards for Metroblogging were taken down. This was partly due to the fact that they generally sucked, but also because nobody used them. Yesterday the Metroblogging Message Boards were relaunched with new software, a new look, and a new domain. Each Metroblogging city has it’s own section on the boards, so Metroblogging readers can post their own discussions. So head on over to the new message boards and join in on the fun!

Fullerton Pub Crawl

…Also known as our meetings. Tonight a good time was had by all who attended our meeting at Branagan’s Irish Pub in Downtown Fullerton. To the dinners that were blinded by the bright flashes of our digital cameras, your stares have been recorded for posterity.

As for the discussion, it started on what we want to post, some new future writers to the metblog, Anaheim Angels Baseball, Sonic cannons, Beer, local politics, beer, other Orange County Blogs, beer, college, and beer. Oh and did I mention, Beer?

Grant, Jill, Michael Doss, Myself (Mike Randall), my twin brother Will, and a nice guy with a Creative Commons t-shirt were all present at the meeting (more like a bar conversation then a meeting, but I digress). It was great to hangout at the bar and show off all of our digital cameras, iPods, and other techfangled gadgets. We were the geeks without the pocket protectors, we’ve grown up with the stuff and now it’s part of our daily lives, which makes it all the more fascinating.

Just a reminder, September 20th (tattoo that on your forehead if you have to) is the one year anniversary of the OC Metblog. Heck, I can’t even believe we are that old.

Someone should get a cake!

UPDATE: Pictures are after the jump…

Some random Metblogs news

A few bits of Metblogs news to share with everybody. First, The Slogans of OC… was featured on the Metroblogging Best Of. Which is cool for us.

There is also some non-OC related news. Detroit is the latest addition to the Metroblogging empire. Stop by, say hi and welcome them aboard if you get a chance. Metroblogging also got a nice little write up by in their Best of the Web Directory. Way to go OC and Metblogs!

Calling all OC Bloggers

As you might have noticed, it has been a bit slow around here. Despite what our list of bloggers says, we really only have about seven people writing regularly. So, we are in search of some new writers.

For now, Metroblogging is a volunteer activity, none of the writers get paid. So we are looking for writers who just like to write and would like to share their experiences in Orange County. If you are interested, please feel free to email me or leave a comment fill out this application.

Meetup, say goodbye

As a follow up to Michael’s post earlier today, all of Metroblogging is going to stop using That includes us. In the comments some people recommended, but I think we can use this site here to publish our upcoming activities.

In an email to the city captains, Sean said that Metroblogging does not play to pay for each meetup group and that he does not expect any of us to pay for them out of our own pocket. So for those of you who are currently members of the OC.Metblogs Meetup, I will be disbanding the group. For those of you who never joined our meetup group, just pay attention to the site and we will post about our next event here.

Last Saturday we discussed having it at the OC Indoor Range in Brea. After that we thought we might try random clubs that are advertised in the OC Weekly. If you have any suggestions, post a comment, we are willing to try just about anything once.

Liveblogging from the Meetup

Today was the monthly meeting of the OC Metrobloggers.

We started at the Plush Lounge in Downtown Fullerton, but after playing with a new PSP and finding that we coudn’t get on the Fullerton WiFi we all migrated down to Wahoo’s

The discussion today covered everything from Airport Security, County political issues, possible spots for future bloggers, and questions asked when applying for government employment.

Present for the meeting was the famous/infamous Michael Randall, Grant Henninger, Michael Doss, and soon-to-be new OC blogger Jim McMurry. (2 Democrats, 1 Socialist, and 1 Republican – Take your picks on who was who)

UPDATE: So my math was off, just like the Republicans and the Budget. – Mike R.

Some good news and some bad news

Dear OC Metblogs readers and writers,

As this sites captain, I have some good news and some bad news to share with you. First, the good news. This morning, Sean announced that Yahoo! has bought a 45% stake in Metroblogging. For our network of cities, this is a great thing. It will allow Jason to higher some help, so he can implement all the cool ideas he has, and as Sean says, it will allow Metblogs to grow to 300 cities.

However, one of the changes Yahoo! wanted to make was to merge and oc.metblogs. Undoubtedly since they are the bigger site, we will just move over there, so this is really disappointing. I know we aren’t LA, and LA knows we aren’t LA, but the folks at Yahoo! see LA as stretching from the grapevine down to Camp Pendleton. But what can you do? They are the ones with the bags of money, and how can you compete with that in our fine capitalist system?

So we won’t be shutting down just yet, I’ll let you know when and how this will work later. Until then, just keep posting, maybe we can show them how different LA and OC really are.

Thank you, everybody!


Happy Thanksgiving from OC Metroblog

The staff of the Orange County Metroblog wishes all of its readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the feast, but partake wisely.

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