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“My Big Fat O.C. Wedding”

I’ll quote you the blurb:

 It’s the classic story: Girl meets Boy. Boy proposes to Girl. Girl’s outrageous Riverside family meets Boy’s Irvine power elite parents. With wedding planners running amok, budget problems and scheming aunts, will it be happily ever after?

Wait, WUT?

“Outrageous Riverside family?” is that code word for trailer trash or something?

And “Irvine power elite parents” made me snicker.  Not to diss Irvine, but when I think of Irvine, the phrase “power elite” does not come to mind.

Ah well, they’re out of Long Beach.  Should have known.

“String on a door” Indeed. Could Santa Ana PD use a little sensitivity training?

Sweet jeebus just when I think that the lowest thing could happen in the battle for equal rights and protection under the law something new happens. The reaction and advisement of the responding officer to seeing the noose attached to the door of the Equality California (EQCA) office was callous at best. “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim” and then convinced the staff no hate crime was committed.

Mel Distel of the EQCA office put her own recap of the incident on Facebook Here. Clearly in the wake of the suicides of troubled gay youths in recent weeks this isn’t exactly “no hate crime committed”. In fact can someone explain to me how this is any different than if it were attached to a black man’s home? Or a nice local Temple? The actions of the police officers would have been quite different, of that I am certain.  Riding with my own local PD I know they would have treated for what it was, a hate crime.

Clearly this was meant as a way to intimidate the staff at EQCA.  So I ask you OC, did the officer act appropriately?  What should have been done differently under these circumstances?

What’s That Smell?

This seems to be a question quite a few people on Orange County beaches are asking themselves in recent months. The answer, chickens, is sewage.

Little Corona (our fave hangout with the kiddos, BTW) is shut down this weekend due to a sewage spill.


Why can’t Orange County do a better job of keeping its crap under control? Is it an aging infrastructure? Or do we just poop more than everyone else?

That being said, enjoy your holiday weekend, and stay safe and sane!

Thanks, Rancho Santa Margarita

For spilling 500,00o gallons of your crap, literally, into the ocean.

As a result, beaches from Dana Point to Capistrano Bay are predicted to be closed through the weekend.

Boo to the City of Orange!

For actually taking to court a couple who is trying to reduce their water consumption.  They tore out their lawn and replaced it with fencing and drought-tolerant plants, but that didn’t appease the city.  Who (because I can’t believe it and I have to repeat it to myself) is now prosecuting them for not having a lawn!

In this age of being water-conscious, ridiculous!  As long as it isn’t endangering anyone and isn’t an eyesore, it is their private property to do with as they wish.

Good luck to the Has!

A Plea


Dear Something Corporate,

My husband and I were just listening to one of your best songs, “If U C Jordan” and we were wondering if you couldn’t just let bygones be bygones and get your original lineup back together?


Upated: They will be reunited and performing at Bamboozle Left at Anaheim Stadium this March! OMG!

Letter From a Disney Hater

While my poor infant daughter who has a cold attempts to nap despite having a stuffed-up nose, I came across this article in the LA Times.

And this perplexing letter:

What I expected: Magic.

What I found: It is a run-down amusement park. It feels nothing like the Disney resort in Orlando, Fla. I realize this park is older, but it is carny-like, even the newish California Adventure. I was looking forward to visiting Disneyland because of my affinity for Disney World and was sadly disappointed. There wasn’t any magic.

Tanya King, Los Angeles

Tanya! I am confuzled!

If you are from Los Angeles, how is it that you have visited Disney World before Disneyland? Are you a recent transplant?

And “carny-like?” As in old, dirty rides being manned by questionable men with even more questionable dental and/or bodily hygiene?

I wonder if she would think the Parthenon is unkempt and in need of some paint.

Tuesday is Fasting Day for Disney Workers

Listen, I am a pro-union person.  I believe that working people usually benefit from having a collective bargaining unit that pits them against management.  Because if anyone thinks that management is keeping the best interests of workers in mind, they are absolutely delusional.


I think that Disney hotel workers and their Unite Here Local 11 are asking for an awful lot in some pretty lean times.  Very few people in this country are getting free healthcare, and I’m not understanding why they think they should, too. 

 My husband is being “asked” to take furlough days, and our healthcare costs (such as co-pays and prescription benefits) have recently risen.  However, we’re thankful that he even has a job, and excellent healthcare benefits to go with it.

I think a hunger strike is a bit drastic, and it hurts me to say it, but Local 11 needs to stop having their members working without a contract and sign up for the same benefits that all other Disney employees have.

Target Misses the Mark

Dear Local Target Store,

Have I mentioned that I really do love you?  And that it hurts me to write this?

I was standing in line with my items that started out as a small list and ballooned (as always) to about a bazillion things.  I was tired and impatient, I’ll be honest. 

I get to the checkout line, and I take a gander at the checkout person.  She looks as if she is about to die.  You know how people look when they are really sick and should be in bed, but instead for some reason showed up to work?  Well, that was her. 

She croaks, “Hello” at me and then COUGHS ONTO HER HAND. I repeat ONTO HER HAND.  My first grader knows by now that you DO NOT COUGH INTO YOUR HAND you cough into the crook of your elbow.  He does it, I’ve seen him do it.  But for whatever reason, this chick decided it was too much effort. She then casually, or perhaps very slowly because she had a horrible illness residing within her that has rendered her limbs practically useless,  pumps a couple of drops of hand sanitizer onto her hands, rubs for about two seconds, and then PLACES HER GERMY HANDS ALL OVER MY STUFF.

Did they not just come out with a study that showed hand sanitizers do not in any way kill 99.9% of germs?  Why yes, they did.

What should I have done?  Should I have switched lines, even though she had already started on my things?  The thought crossed my mind, but it was too late. 

So thanks a lot, sick Target employee.  I have a three month old with an immature immune system at home, the last thing I need is an onslaught of your germs.

And Target, I don’t know if your policies encourage sick employees to show up to work or not.  I hope they don’t. And you might want to give your employees a refresher course in proper hygiene.  Especially in the time of, you know, that little thing called swine flu.

Thanks bunches,


Metrolink FTL

You guys remember a while back when I posted about my awesome trip to The Valley aboard the Metrolink? I even had another one just a couple months ago where I utilized the Gold Line to Pasadena! Both trips were fairly easy and made it so I didn’t have to drive through traffic. However, I had to plan a few days ahead of time, because as I’ve mentioned, Metrolink doesn’t exactly have a “regular” schedule. Well today Metrolink let me down not once, but twice.

To hear the reason, just follow the jump… (more…)

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